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  1. Facebook Insights is a highly useful tool for all Page managers looking for more information on their social performance and brand following.
    In fact, Facebook has recently announced the introduction of new metrics for the Insights page with the aim of offering improved measurement. All Page owners should start noticing the addition of:
    As the number of metrics increases, which ones are the most important for every Page manager?

    There are many metrics to analyse when managing a Facebook Page, but some of them can be the starting point for a wider understanding of your audience and the performance of your posts. Here are the metrics you need to observe on a weekly basis, along with what you can learn from each one of them:
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  2. This past summer my wife and I took advantage of our kids being at camp by going on vacation to what most would consider to be a high-end luxury property (we used hotel points). It was a great trip. The property was beautiful. The service was friendly. They were attentive to my wife's dietary needs, and over several days they came to know us and began to anticipate our preferences. Tea instead of coffee. Extra side of crispy bacon. Our last night, one of the waiters whom we had gotten to know pretty well did some card tricks at our table. It was a great week.

    A few days after returning home, I got a survey from our hotel, and here's where things went off track. "Tell us how we did by completing this short survey." You probably know what comes next: A long online questionnaire that asked standard questions about how clean the rooms were, how enjoyable my stay was, etc. It felt like the questions were about someone else's trip. On vacation, they knew us so well. What happened?
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  3. Elon Musk once famously said, “The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur.” I was 24 years old when I traveled to Ethiopia and witnessed firsthand the dire health conditions of the local population. Access to medicine was virtually non-existent. I wanted to change that. I wanted the locals to know that someone cared about their plight and was going to try to help them. So, I set aside my professional ambitions and sought to solve this problem. Over the course of the next six months, I vehemently studied pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical supply chains, pharmaceutical delivery and pharmaceutical packaging technologies.
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  4. "We will showcase our feedback analytics software and let visitors see for themselves how easy it is to collect and visualise online feedback."
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  5. In Mopinion’s latest webinar ‘3 Practical feedback forms that drive online conversion’, webinar host Udesh Jadnanansing tackles the three critical stages of the online ordering process and provides tips on how to drive online sales using 3 powerful feedback forms. He also advises how to trigger these forms, which kinds of questions to ask and how these results can be analysed in a way that lets you easily generate leads, monitor online performance and gather insights to increase sales.
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  6. Customer feedback is one of the most important tools at your disposal. It’s an opportunity to get real people’s responses to your services, your brand and your products. It’s a free, open forum for your customers to speak their minds – and whether positive or negative, customer feedback is a huge asset.
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  7. QR codes never really took off in the West. I had nothing against them, just their implementation (on a creative and a technical level). However, I wanted one at the weekend so I could leave feedback about a store visit.

    Buying turf
    I bought some turf at the weekend. After checking out, the cashier pointed to the bottom of my receipt and encouraged me to leave feedback for the chance to win a prize.To leave my feedback I had to visit a URL. Without even looking at what the URL was, I figured I couldn't be bothered leaving feedback.

    Why was that?
    Tags: , , by eringilliam (2017-10-06)
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  8. Google is a beast. There’s no other good way to put it, Google is a beast of a platform with an incredible amount of free valuable content available at our fingertips. But as with any beast, there is always a dark side, and for Google a big con is that the monster search engine never forgets. In the realm of Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) there is a plethora of both good and bad information available to the masses. Because of this, business owners have formed bad habits with SEO that are outdated and harming their ranking within Google and its algorithm. Here are a few habits you may have that could be harming your photography website’s rankings, and how you can fix them.
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  9. LinkedIn is aiming to give marketers new insights for reaching decision-makers on its platform through a deal with the social data firm DataSift, according to the companies.

    The pact lets agencies and others access aggregated audience-level LinkedIn data through an API from DataSift that can be integrated with marketing cloud platforms and agency dashboards to better understand how people interact on LinkedIn -- what they share, what they read and what they click.
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  10. The Australian Government is asking industry for final feedback on a framework of standards for the development of an opt-in national digital identity. The framework is part of the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) Govpass digital identity project, which aims to make the process of proving who you are to government services online simple, safe and secure.

    The framework is currently in a private beta phase. It sets out the policies and requirements — including privacy, security, risk and fraud management along with standards for usability and accessibility — which will build a nationally consistent approach to online identity. The framework also establishes best practice for the public and private sectors.
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