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  1. In 2012, just about the time people started putting the word digital and the word experience together, Michael Hinshaw, then CEO of San Francisco-based McorpCX – now its president, described digital experience as the following. “Digital experience, isn’t an IT-driven initiative; it’s a customer-needs driven initiative," he wrote in an opinion piece for Adobe owned CMO. He also added that there is a huge difference between simply using technology and actually using it to improve customer experiences that address the customer needs.
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  2. A strong customer experience is the best way for retailers to cultivate positive consumer opinion. While that may seem turnkey, consumers’ expectations are constantly rising; no longer can a brand provide the best customer experience within their industry – the experience must transcend through verticals and be the best ever, period. Omnichannel retailers – those that have both an online and offline component – are uniquely positioned to reach consumers wherever and however they prefer to be met: be it in-store, via an app or on a desktop.
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  3. Is customer experience an important search engine ranking factor? There are a number of different factors that go into how a website will rank on Google. For example, one is the number of links pointing at your site, and another is the makeup of the keywords that you choose to put on your page. But these are only two, and there are a whole range of other factors that determine how your site is going to rank for a certain keyword.

    One of these other factors is customer experience, and this factor is very important for a number of reasons.
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  4. For many (really many) years now we’ve been talking about the disconnect with the customer. And the need to reconnect with the customer as the effects of a perfect storm – that’s been in the make for decades – started being felt.

    The disconnect between what we believe as businesses to be valuable for customers and what customers – people – see as valuable. The signs, research and impact are known since so long. Just take the famous customer experience delivery gap I mentioned here.
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  5. The rapid rise of Airbnb shook the very foundations of the industry and forced incumbents to adapt fast. For marketers and business leaders, this presented both opportunities and threats. Here we look at the transformation of the industry and examine how businesses today can protect themselves.

    Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest industries valued at over 1.2 trillion USD. 1.24bn people worldwide left their homes and arrived at a foreign destination in 2016 – a number which has almost doubled since 2003. The industry is fast-growing and full of opportunity, with a lot of revenue on the table from holidaymakers. In the US the number of domestic trips taken by leisure and business travelers is expected to surpass 471m by 2020 with a growing proportion of these trips being booked online.
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  6. Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. There’s that subtle hint of pumpkin spice lingering in the air, costumes filling up all of the party stores and of course, the most quintessential Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus has taken up the number one spot on Netflix. With all of this Halloween fever around us, we simply couldn’t resist adding a little Halloween ‘flair’ to our blog. So – in light of the holiday – we want to emphasize several ways online feedback can prevent your customers from having a ‘scary’ customer experience!

    But before we begin, it’s important that you become acquainted with the most common ‘horrors’ (or irritations) that online customers often encounter; horrors that can tarnish the customer experience and ultimately (if not resolved), put these customers off to your brand...
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  7. While gambling and games of chance are Nederlandse Loterij’s expertise, there’s one thing it doesn’t gamble with and that is providing a good customer experience. Maurice Meijers, Head of Online Design & Development at Nederlandse Loterij fills us in…
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  8. Is there such a thing as “digital customer experience” and even a “social customer experience”? Yes and no. We can look at the overall customer experience in the context of digital touchpoints. We can look at individual experiences across digital touchpoints and interactions. Yet, at the same time, it’s important to remember that the customer is not just a digital customer (as in using lots of digital channels and touchpoints).
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  9. This prominence of data (and analytics) is also present in the RAMI 4.0 reference architecture of Industry 4.0 as mentioned in an article on industrial data and obviously in the broader perspective of digital transformation, its goals and the various technologies that enable it, from IoT (Internet of Things) to artificial intelligence and more. What does all this have to do with the Industrial Data Space, the topic of this article? A lot. Think data exchanges, smart services and new ecosystems of innovation and different business models. But there is more....
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  10. On top of being incredibly important, the customer experience is also one of the hottest topics in 2015. Customers, what they expect from businesses and how their behavior has changed are major driver of digital marketing transformation and even take center stage in many digital transformation projects overall.

    Virtually everyone recognizes the importance of the end-to-end customer experience and the role of individual experiences. At the same time people don’t always seek an “experience” but just a simple response to a simple question or the ability to get what they need without too much hassle. If you want to buy a piece of chocolate because you feel like eating one, you want to go into the nearest store and get it. Nothing more.
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