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  1. How do you give your customers a personalised, positive experience with every interaction, while also optimising operational performance for the best business results? It’s something that even the most technologically advanced organisations struggle with. But working with Verint, a global leader in Workforce Engagement capabilities, we’ve come up with a way to make it easier.

    With that, here are three reasons to opt for a converged customer and workforce experience:
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  2. Customer-centric marketing has several layers of meaning. The most popular layer means personalization of communications, toward increasing customer lifetime value. Without the other vital layers, though, much potential customer lifetime value will be squandered.

    First Layer: All Customer Touch-Points. Communications is only one touch-point of many that marketing has with customers. Channel partners, alliance partners, market research, events, customer engagement and loyalty marketing are other touch-points with customers that certainly should be customer-centric.
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  3. A customer-centric approach has always been a fundamental strategy for business. However, lately it seems to have become more of an idyllic vision than a reality.

    Technology allows us to reach customers across the globe. But, it has simultaneously driven us further apart. Whereas businesses used to be in tune with their customers' every need, many corporations today have gained a reputation for being both out of touch with their customers, and slow to innovate.
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  4. While digital transformation failures don’t make the headlines as much as their successful counterparts, they do contribute to some troubling statistics.
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  5. How can businesses leverage automation to humanise the customer experience, and drive a customer-centric approach?
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  6. Today, retailers must accommodate a wide variety of customer demands: customers who “pre-shop” for merchandise online before they ever enter a store, customers who want one-day or even same-day delivery, and customers who want more personalization, a larger assortment, a more fulfilling experience and non-stop entertainment, according to a new report from BRP. Customer-led demand is driving retailers to transform their business to be more customer-centric.
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  7. Customer centric leaders come in all shapes, forms and sizes. I’m just kidding, they aren’t products that you can pick from a supermarket shelf. Nevertheless they all have one thing in common: a profound passion to serve the customer and give them the best experience possible. Not all customer centric leaders possess the skills that they should, but these are skill is one that can be acquired.
    Learning from some of these global customer centric leaders you too can streamline your company to become customer centric and work from there.
    What are the must-haves for a customer centric leader?
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  8. Most digital journeys start with the recognition of a need or of a problem: your market is evolving and new players are emerging; these competitors are delivering better services faster and you can’t keep up. Your initial attempts to respond have become lost in a mire of conflicting stakeholder requirements and change management bureaucracy. If only you too could operate like a VC-funded start-up! From first-hand experience, this is the start of your business becoming a ‘digital native’.
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