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  1. What do you need, as an entrepreneur, to make you truly believe that your initially crazy idea of a startup has justified itself and is actually worth the efforts and resources you’ve put in it? Investments are the answer. It is one thing to have faith in your own business and a completely different matter to convince others that your idea is worthy of something.
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  2. It used to be that retailers couldn’t wait to hear the unmistakable sound that said the holidays had arrived — ringing cash registers. Today’s businesses are adapting to the new signs of the holiday season — digital clicks and online carts. Black Friday, the most joyous of all shopping days in the year for retailers and customers alike, still tops the list of sales spikes for the year, followed closely by its relatively new cousin Cyber Monday.
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  3. Digital marketing is a complicated beast that demands collaboration across such diverse disciplines as branding, content, and data science. The best marketers combine company strategy and brand goals with a keen understanding of what makes the customer tick; listening to customers is truly the secret sauce of successful marketing.
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  4. Feedback on social media can serve as a valuable source of information for companies, helping them to improve and develop products and services. Examples include Gillette, which launched the very first product for assisted shaving based on feedback inferred from social media, and Tesla, which improved the company’s app based in part on CEO Elon Musk’s reading a customer’s complaints on Twitter. At end of 2016, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked on Twitter what the company could launch in 2017. Anecdotes aside, does this user feedback actually help create better products?
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  5. Facebook is soliciting user feedback on the quality and relevance of its ads. KnowledgeBid founder Rob Webb spotted a new thumbs up/thumbs down icon, posted below, similar to what it’s used to let people rate notifications. The feedback mechanism is fairly detailed, allowing a person to critique the ad for accuracy, relevance, offensiveness, and so on. ClickZ hasn’t yet been able to spot the feature in the wild. Based on the screen grab however, it appears to apply only to the company’s branded Facebook Ads units, which are not IAB standard formats, and not to the skyscraper ads that are brokered through Microsoft.

    Based on my personal experience observing Facebook Ads, it would seem the company has a lot of work to do on relevance and value before it begins asking people what they think. Offers I’m seeing today include ads for executive coaching (I’m not an executive), Halo Wars (I’m not a gamer) and a semi-pornographic “high school cheerleaders” ad (I’m not a, uh, cheerleader)....
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  6. Facebook has adjusted its news feed algorithm to favour more current news headlines, meaning more users are likely to see brand posts that are related to “trending topics”.

    The change is based on feedback from users who said there are some instances where posts from friends or pages are only relevant at a specific momen, and that there are times where a post is a day or two old that may not be relevant any more....
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  7. Do you feel like a content marketing loser? Like even though you’re using the same strategies as the celebrity bloggers, the crowd keeps passing you by? In a super post about “getting lucky” in the content marketing world, Tracy Feit Love breaks it down to this memorable example:

    “Two guys walk into a bar (humor me here). The first guy walks up to a woman and says, ‘Hi. I make a lot of money and drive a really fast car, so you will definitely want to go out with me. Here’s my number. When you’re ready to go out, call me.’
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  8. Today's marketers are facing a paradox: We have better intelligence and tools for driving growth than ever before. Data-driven digital marketing, programmatic and audience buying are proven to be delivering results. But if return on investment ROI » is going up, why are sales in decline?
    There are some simple causes and effects: Media inflation continues to increase across all channels, while reach has declined for most every channel and publisher. Rising costs combined with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point CPP » , which means creative needs to be exponentially more effective to deliver the same results (and that's before attenuation of media attention is factored in). In most cases, even the best creative cannot offset the decline in efficiency. It's just math. And as the math suggests, in most cases we'd expect to see a decline in payback. Yet most channel-specific measurements show a positive ROI. Why?
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  9. Within my talk I shared the approach that I take to deliver successful content marketing campaigns that can be easily scaled, don't break the bank and have an extremely positive effect on your search engine visibility, social media and email marketing campaigns. There's also a short case study that shows a practical application of the technique in action.

    Overall, the conference was a huge success and I'd strongly recommend checking out their upcoming events (they're free, by the way!) as they offer some seriously valuable insights for marketers and businesses alike.
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  10. Beware of the HiPPO in the room. When a HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion) is in play, your organization is most likely not relying on data to inform decision-making. In fact, I believe the HiPPO effect is one of the biggest barriers to more evidence-based and data-driven decision-making. With the quantity and quality of data available today, it is just poor business for organizations to ignore data in favor of making decisions solely based on what the HiPPO wants done...
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