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  1. We’re seeing significant advancements in loyalty as brands seek new ways to add value for customers. Here are the seven biggest trends impacting the loyalty landscape currently.
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  2. Digital is forcing brands everywhere to rethink how they do business. Across industries, one thing remains the same – the experience must be centered around the customer. Brands can no longer afford to deliver siloed experiences around web, mobile, or brick-and-mortar – it is vital that they address the entire customer journey, across channels. Part of the challenge is taking into account the plethora of different device platforms and varying customer demographics while optimizing experiences on a consistent basis.
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  3. The digital transformation has forced the customer experience (CX) to the forefront of every company’s priority list. And when it comes to CX, there is clearly no shortage of customer feedback to be had. From social media to chat bot records—and from verbatim surveys to old-school focus groups—today’s businesses have an ever-present flow of customer feedback at their fingertips. So why are so many companies falling short when it comes to this bedrock of customer engagement?
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  4. In our transactional world of fickle customers, how do we snag the prize - aka customer loyalty? It turns out that cracking the code is easier than you may think. Just follow this four-step approach, and you’re sure to create wild raving fans
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  5. If you have ambitions to grow your accounting practice, it’s important to know how satisfied your clients are. Read on for some ways to uncover client satisfaction and then act on it.
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  6. Several years after the introduction of feedback analytics, online retailers continue to find ways to put the priceless resource of the user’s voice to work to increase conversions, sales and customer loyalty. Among the most innovative applications of direct customer feedback is analyzing trends to predict search queries, inform SEO design, adjust merchandising and improve overall marketing ROI.
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  7. Although there is increasing attention for the Customer Effort Score, an “alternative” to the Net Promoter Score, introduced by the CEB (Corporate Executive Board), many questions about it, as well as discussions comparing NPS and CES, remain.
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