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  1. Other generations think that millennials are entitled teenagers who want everything instantly. However, businesses, in particular, need to change that perspective. Millennials are powerful especially in the world of social media. They are also now the largest consumer in the world with approximately $200 billion annual revenue.

    Satisfying Millennials With Social Media

    In this age and technology, it is important for companies to note that social media is changing how the world of business works. According to Microsoft’s 2016 State of Global Customer Service report, 64 percent of millennials think that social media is a very effective way to solve customer problems. It is no doubt, therefore, that 52 percent of the said generation uses this platform in looking for solutions to their queries.
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  2. A successful business is certainly the right mix of various important aspects and customer satisfaction happens to be one of the most important aspects of any business. After all a business can only expect an excellent growth with an increasing growth in its customer-base and on the contrary, a business is bound to fall flat on its face if it fails to please its customers.

    Most importantly, in today’s world wherein Social media is extensively used by the people, even a single dissatisfied customer can cause a death blow to a business by sharing one’s negative opinions with the masses. Hence, it’s absolutely important for every business to develop a customer-focused approach wherein every single customer would be treated with utmost importance and care. In this post, we will share 5 excellent ways you can make your customers fall in love with your brand.
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  3. With the explosion of social media feedback tools, there are now countless ways your customers can rate you what happened during their experience and how they feel about your organization, products and services.

    Customer feedback is not a new concept. It is now much easier for the everyday customer to applaud your efforts – or voice their concerns – of your organization. The tools we use today are different and more democratized.

    So here’s the question: what is your organization doing with that real-time customer feedback? And, more consciously, are you using those ideas, thoughts and suggestions to strengthen their experience with your organization? Are you using your customer’s feedback to spark innovation within your organization?

    Here are five actionable items that can help you start using customer feedback to drive performance and innovation for your organization.
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  4. Earlier this month I attended Social Media Marketing World, the largest conference on social media marketing in the world. Over the last few years, customer service has shifted from traditional phone support toward social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Dan Gingiss started the Social Customer Care Track and interest has grown exponentially. The room I spoke in this year was three times larger than last year’s room, and we packed the house.
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  5. To stay relevant, you need to invest more than blood, sweat, and tears. You need to understand your customers and do everything in your power to tailor your products and services to their needs.

    Luckily, in the era of sophisticated IT solutions, understanding who your customers are and what their preferences are has never been simpler.

    One of the most powerful ways to collect their feedback and understand what they think of your brand and products is to use social networks actively.

    Here is how to do so.
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  6. When it comes to maintaining your business image in a certain light, customer feedback is the most important thing of all. It drives sales through increased traffic via word-of-mouth, social media engagement and other factors. Having useful data can in fact make a major difference when it comes to increasing your growth, driving traffic, and encouraging more income.
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  7. For your business to be successful, you’re probably doing everything you can to satisfy your customers. But how do you know if your efforts are actually paying off? We’re all aware that in today’s digital age, where social media is a powerful tool in the hands of people, customer experience can make or break a business. Both happy and unhappy customers wield much greater power than their counterparts from a decade ago. A happy post or an angry rant – both can go viral on social media, affecting your business in a way that you never imagined!
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  8. There are a variety of different ways to collect customer feedback, and surveys are usually the first method that comes to mind.

    But that's not the only way to figure out what your customers are saying about your product -- in fact, you could be missing out on valuable customer feedback coming in through a different channel: social media.
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  9. Social media plays an important role in brand building and engagement. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give the brand a perfect option to reach out to their customers directly and organically. However, social media can also be challenging for businesses. Things can get out of hand when a customer shares a negative review on a public platform over which you don't have a control. The more bad reviews, the more brand will suffer.
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  10. Solving the problem of capturing and analyzing "dark data" is the business problem of the century, especially for CMOs who are increasingly accountable for generating revenue and improving business outcomes.

    What is dark data? It's the unstructured data that's all over social networks, and it's full of valuable insights you can put to work to generate revenue and improve the way your business operates. But it's highly likely you're not using it—yet.
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