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  1. In a previous article, we introduced three different ways in which you can collect mobile feedback (in-app): Webviews, APIs and SDKs. We explained that each of these methods have their own strengths and weaknesses. From implementation requirements to technical know-how and from internet limitations to performance (once implemented), we just about covered it all. However, now we want to take an even closer look at one method in particular, which happens to be very much on the rise especially in the area of Analytics: mobile SDKs.
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  2. In the face of a flood of "fake news," sensationalism, and mass marketing, Facebook has announced it is testing a new, more restricted and curated version of its News Feed.

    Based on user feedback, Facebook will determine and prioritize the trustworthiness of news outlets. This goes beyond the social network's previous decision last week to promote "meaningful posts" by filtering out posts and video content from brand posts and boosting those that friends and family share.
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  3. Good news for all you WordPress lovers out there! Mopinion now offers a WordPress plugin that enables WordPress-based websites to easily run Mopinion software on their site and start capturing customer feedback for free.

    In case you’re not yet familiar, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available with nearly 75 million websites. Now, any one of those 75 million sites can download the Mopinion plugin and have feedback forms running on their website in a matter of seconds.
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  4. The challenge is giving negative performance feedback when the Recipient gets defensive. But what about the opposite problem, where you have a person who seems totally receptive to the feedback but then doesn’t act upon it? One manager recently admitted to me that her team readily consents to changes or suggestions this manager makes, but then nothing actually happens.

    How do you deal with a feedback Recipient who agrees to change but doesn’t follow-through? Here are five questions to help ensure you’re giving feedback the produces results, not empty promises:
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  5. Your customers’ own words are more important to your brand than any marketing tagline you can write. More than 90 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations from others — even people they don’t know! — over branded content.

    Join Marty Weintraub, founder of aimClear, and Janelle Johnson, VP of demand generation at BirdEye, as they show you how to proactively leverage customer reviews, ratings and social media comments. They’ll share best practices for using positive reviews, as well as how to turn negative user-generated content (UGC) into brand-building opportunities....
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  6. Feedback on social media can serve as a valuable source of information for companies, helping them to improve and develop products and services. Examples include Gillette, which launched the very first product for assisted shaving based on feedback inferred from social media, and Tesla, which improved the company’s app based in part on CEO Elon Musk’s reading a customer’s complaints on Twitter. At end of 2016, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked on Twitter what the company could launch in 2017. Anecdotes aside, does this user feedback actually help create better products?
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  7. YOU'VE BEEN THERE: browsing on a slightly backwater website, crossing your fingers as you click what looks like a video's play button. Instead of the TV show you had queued up, a million pop-ups spew out. The page you were on morphs into a Caribbean timeshare ad. It's the sort of misdirection that Google aptly calls an "unwanted behavior." And on Wednesday, the company's Chrome browser team announced a series of fixes that attempt to block these sketchy shenanigans.

    Chrome already has a pop-up blocker, and a tool to control autoplaying videos. But the new features will take these user controls a step further. Beginning in Chrome 64, which is currently in developer preview, the browser will block third-party media components (HTML modules known as "iframes" that are often used to display things like ads) from triggering redirects unless you directly click on them.
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  8. Giving performance feedback can be tricky because ideally you want to turn the situation around but you don’t know how the person receiving the feedback will react. So how do you give negative performance feedback that results in positive change when the person you’re talking to gets defensive? Here are five questions to help ensure you’re maximizing the feedback process...
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  9. It’s no secret that digital has dramatically fragmented the way users engage with brands. Facebook alone offers at least 5 different ad formats across desktop and mobile newsfeeds, a traditional banner ad, messenger and Instagram.

    Even if you’ve just gotten to grips with digital, social, mobile, podcasts, programmatic, SEO, PPC, video (the list goes on), we’re now off the races with chatbots, AI, personal assistants, social commerce, voice search, VR and AR. And of course you can’t forget TV, radio, billboards, magazines and other traditional media platforms. What’s a marketer to do when trying to measure, manage and maximise brands in this landscape?
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  10. As the marketing leader, you're under enormous pressure to perform and are desperate to get great, effective -- maybe even category-busting --work from your ad agency's creative team. After a couple decades watching clients -- and agency people -- give every form of feedback to creative teams, I've assembled a list of 10 approaches that can make your interactions more productive -- and their work more effective...
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