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  1. How many of us follow the same purchasing habits today as we did even five years ago? Very few. How many businesses rely on the same sales and marketing approach as they did five years ago?

    More than you would think.

    In the rapidly evolving digital era, the rules have been (and are still being) fundamentally rewritten. It used to be the supplier who created interest in their products and services, pushing out information and offers as part of lead generation campaigns. But now it is the consumer who is firmly in charge of their journey to purchase.
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  2. Following up with customers is a basic principle of operation and smart companies are always looking for better methods of engagement. But as technology advances, organizations are scrambling to keep up with expanding data and shifting expectations.

    In spite of their best efforts, even smart companies still fail to close the loop with customers in several ways. Below, I break down the most critical missed opportunities and how businesses can address them to drive results:
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  3. Here are 5 Things organisations who are best at taking action with customer feedback have in common.
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  4. One of the questions I am often asked by organizations is “How do other companies use customer feedback?” Fortunately, the answer to that question is simple because most organizations use customer feedback to create PowerPoint reports or Excel spreadsheets to track performance. They might tie results to compensation or be used to coach front-line employees. These are all good uses of customer feedback, but in many cases, lead to chasing a score versus driving organizational change. The real question should be “How do other companies take action on their customer feedback?”
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  5. Today, brands in all industries are facing new challenges. There has never been more feedback online, and the expectations have never been higher. For a business, online customer support is no longer an option. Customers are demanding more, and they want answers at their fingertips. In this digital and social media age, where customer experiences are laid out on the table for other customers to see, companies want to understand how engagement and experience are affecting customer relationships, and they are using feedback to measure it.
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  6. "In this article, I’ll share six engagement metrics you must measure throughout the funnel to ensure your marketing is working. I’ll also share actionable tactics on how to improve them and, as a result, your bottom line."
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  7. The world consumes media, entertainment, information, news, and advertising messages very differently than just a few years ago. Our changing consumption patterns haven’t changed the way we make a decision or purchase, however.

    You need to ask yourself if your digital marketing efforts are enough to establish awareness, familiarity, and confidence with consumers so they’ll engage and take action to do business with you. Remember, traditional media and internal processes still play an integral role in balancing the right marketing mix.
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  8. Feedback on social media can serve as a valuable source of information for companies, helping them to improve and develop products and services. Examples include Gillette, which launched the very first product for assisted shaving based on feedback inferred from social media, and Tesla, which improved the company’s app based in part on CEO Elon Musk’s reading a customer’s complaints on Twitter. At end of 2016, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky asked on Twitter what the company could launch in 2017. Anecdotes aside, does this user feedback actually help create better products?
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  9. It often seems like marketers don’t have much time to actually market. Especially when most hours in the day are spent manually measuring mind-numbing metrics like viewability, completion and other important video KPIs. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for the creative or gratifying parts of the job.

    At Turn we don’t believe that marketers should be worrying about whether their ads were viewed when they could be focusing on the big picture. To that end we created performance algorithms that achieve up to three goals at once, freeing our clients from rote tasks and allowing them to judge whether their ads have been effective, rather than just if they were seen.
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