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  1. We need our emotions to help us make decisions. Without sadness, anger, and disappointment, we wouldn’t know when something has gone wrong or how to fix it. Similarly, our excitement and sense of pride tell us what we are doing right and remind us to keep doing more of it.

    This not only affects our personal lives and relationships, but our professional ones as well, especially when it comes to ecommerce and online reviews.
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  2. Online customer reviews can make or break your business. Entrepreneurs find it a priority to learn to react to people’s feedback, both positive and negative.

    The owner of EssayPro (an essay writing service that provides students with academic papers of all kinds) says, “Reviews can considerably affect the business’s reputation. At the same time, it can be truly eye-opening.” He finds it important to read the reviews, respond to the customers, and tells that the below techniques of dealing with the issue “have proven effective”.
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  3. At a time when well over 500 new start-ups are being launched each day in the UK, finding ways to differentiate and grow a business brand is more important than ever. User generated content in the form of customer endorsements and online reviews are a powerful way to achieve this and verify claims made about a product or service. The simple fact is that reviews help consumers decide whether they should purchase a particular product or service.
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  4. Anyone who’s ever manned a support queue knows that one angry customer can ruin your whole day. You’re busy tackling cases when a scathing email suddenly knocks the wind out of you. Even if you’re a seasoned support agent, it’s hard to not take it personally.

    Responding to angry customers is one of the hardest parts of the job, but also one of the most important. Unhappy customers tend to be more blunt and open with their feedback, and engaging with them productively can go a long way.

    So how do you do it?
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  5. Social media plays an important role in brand building and engagement. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter give the brand a perfect option to reach out to their customers directly and organically. However, social media can also be challenging for businesses. Things can get out of hand when a customer shares a negative review on a public platform over which you don't have a control. The more bad reviews, the more brand will suffer.
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  6. Negative feedback from customers can be a hard pill to swallow. It often feels unjust, unhelpful and inaccurate. Even the most professional business owners can be defensive and emotional in the face of criticism. And while business owners may intellectually know negative customer feedback is critical to improving their business -- a 10-percent increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) can correlate with a six to seven-percent increase in revenue -- the hard bit is constructively incorporating it.

    This article includes seven things every business, small or large, can do to extract as much value as possible from negative feedback.
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  7. Even the most loutish negative feedback from a customer should be utilised as an opportunity to improve your customer service; pinpoint the problem area and improve the product or service that you are offering. Moreover such feedback may even be valuable in making amendments to your business model. Negative feedback should be looked at as free suggestions to rectify faults in the products or services offered. If handled in the correct manner, it could drastically alter a customer’s opinion on your company and boost your business.
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  8. It could be the best work you’ve ever created, but when you show it to your team or client, they don’t quite have the same opinion. That’s the added challenge to design work. Even in a room full of veteran designers, context, experience, and opinions will differ because design is subjective. Before your career is over, no doubt you’ll have a moment where you look at a pile of feedback and think, “I should have gone into accounting, where there’s only one answer.”
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