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  1. One of the best things you can do to advance your career is elicit real-time feedback at work.

    You will gain a clearer understanding of what you’re doing well—and what you can change—in the moment. That is more powerful than hearing feedback after the fact.
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  2. A customer-centric approach has always been a fundamental strategy for business. However, lately it seems to have become more of an idyllic vision than a reality.

    Technology allows us to reach customers across the globe. But, it has simultaneously driven us further apart. Whereas businesses used to be in tune with their customers' every need, many corporations today have gained a reputation for being both out of touch with their customers, and slow to innovate.
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  3. One of the most popular passwords in 2016 was “qwertyuiop”—the string of horizontal letters from the top line of a keyboard. Even though most password meters suggest that it's weak, none offers advice on how to strengthen it. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago have unveiled technology that offers real-time feedback and advice to help people create better passwords. To evaluate its performance, the team conducted an online study in which they asked more than 4,500 people to use it to create a password.

    “Instead of just having a meter say, ‘Your password is bad,’ we thought it would be useful for the meter to say, ‘Here’s why it’s bad, and here’s how you could do better,’” said study co-author Nicolas Christin, professor in engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University.
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  4. The abundance of data now at the fingertips of companies allows them to test the effectiveness of everything they do. It’s no longer enough to think consumers liked a campaign or application; we can now use data to know. And in the case of applications or new technology, we can know not only whether customers liked something, but also why and how they’re using it. What makes the difference is how you use the data. In this story, we will explore the role that data can play in shaping the design of applications at Walmart to create a more agile development process.

    As I highlighted in an earlier piece, I recently spoke with Georgi Gospodinov, a Walmart data scientist who is helping to reshape the company’s analytics technology and product development practices.. We discussed how Walmart is at the forefront of incorporating an agile technology product building approach to technology and analytics. Their approach has lessons for companies of all sizes.
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  5. We explored using social media for customer feedback with Mandy Yoh of Review Trackers! In the discussion, we talked about why we share feedback with the products/services we use, the best ways to collect and utilize feedback, and strategies for responding to all kinds of feedback!
    Catch our weekly Twitter chat, #bufferchat, at TWO times every Wednesday for valuable industry insights and networking with nearly 400 other smart marketers and community managers. Same topic, same place, just at different times – feel free to join in to whichever chat time works best for you!
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