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  1. We are delighted to share that the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, Decathlon, is now using Mopinion’s feedback analytics software. Decathlon hit the ground running with their new online feedback programme in the summer of 2017 with feedback forms on their French and Chinese websites. Pleased with the performance and customer insights obtained via Mopinion’s software, Decathlon is now in the process of rolling out Mopinion software on webshops in twenty-one additional countries!
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  2. People trust people, not brands, as the saying goes—and the rise of user-generated content in e-commerce is fast outranking all other forms of marketing when it comes to influencing purchase decisions.

    User-generated content (UGC) is one of the most useful forms of free marketing that an e-commerce business could ask for: authentic, trustworthy content created by fans and influencers, sharing reviews, images and videos of your product online.
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  3. Just as quickly as January passed us by, many great articles and studies were published that brought great insights about the Customer Experience (CX) that you and your company can use to try and get a foot up on your competitors.

    Let’s look at some of the great CX stories that caught our eye this past month:
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  4. Customer feedback is very important for the companies to grow. Feedback if utilized properly is something which can help a company to touch the skies. Every e-commerce owner knows the importance of customer feedback.

    Feedback if taken positively can help a company to improve them and keep their customers happy. Customer feedback helps the businessmen know what their lacking points are and how to make them better.

    So, every company should focus on collecting customer feedback in order to keep them happy and grow in this competitive world.
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  5. According to Econsultancy’s Ecommerce Performance report, which is based on a survey of more than 400 ecommerce professionals, a culture of testing and experimentation is one of the key ways brands can optimise performance to reach true innovation.

    But are ecommerce marketers reaching experimentation maturity? Here are a few key charts from the report, with further insight into what they tell us.
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  6. It’s quite evident that the online buying process is no longer a linear one. Consumers are entering eCommerce websites from a myriad of different devices and online channels. And in the midst of all this chaos, your business needs to find a way to reel these consumers in as well as nurture them once they’ve entered your website.
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  7. Virtually every business owner will tell you that having satisfied customers is a blessing, while dissatisfied customers are a curse. As entrepreneurs we have to deal with both.
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  8. Email, social media and eCommerce. Smartphone, tablet, laptop and addressable TV. Today, the average person will interact with up to seven screens on any given day.

    For marketers and businesses trying to reach customers, that means seven opportunities for a message to get lost in translation, seven windows for the customer to see a redundant message and lose interest, and seven screens for the marketer to lose track of their customer.
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  9. Startups in e-commerce do their best, often following these "one-stop startup launch 101" courses we all see being promoted as the "best," "fastest" and "easiest," and disappear in a year or two for a variety of reasons.
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  10. The headstone to a sustainable customer-retailer relationship, increased online conversions and improved customer loyalty, online customer feedback can be a real competitive advantage for companies in the ecommerce industry.
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