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  1. Data management platforms, or DMPs (which is ‘agnostic’ and plugs and plays with any system) allow marketers to personalise at scale, with the flexibility they need: they can orchestrate messages in real-time across any platform, from a cutting edge smartwatch to an ancient CRM system.
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  2. A group of ad tech heavyweights and top brands are betting that blockchain, the distributed ledger technology that underpins cryptocurrency bitcoin, can fix all that ills digital advertising.
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  3. To meet Google's standards for content that deserves a high rank, contributor Brian Ussery suggests following the guidelines the search giant has set for its internal content creators. Google has long stressed the importance of “high-quality content” but has provided little, if any, help for those seeking to create it. Until now....

    Last month, Google’s Developer Relations Group publicly published five different guides aimed at helping its own creators “striving for high-quality documentation.” And “documentation,” when posted online, means digital content....
    http://‘High-quality content’ tips from Google’s own style guides/
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  4. "New research methods are constantly coming to the forefront. Every industry is inundated with the ‘next generation’ approach that will revolutionize their industry.

    At iPerceptions, we have seen this time and again in the Voice of the Customer (VoC) space. The pre-post methodology, asking visitors on arrival to your site for feedback at the end of their visit, was a turning point in collecting continuous feedback from your visitors."
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  5. YouTube announced it is working on a new look and feel for both its desktop and mobile apps and is inviting beta testers to preview the redesign and offer feedback.

    “While we hope that you’ll love what we’ve been working on, we’re also really excited to involve the YouTube community so we can make the site even better before sharing it more broadly,” writes product manager Brian Marquardt, on the YouTube Blog.
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  6. As a nascent marketer, I misjudged how crucial feedback was to success. But when I was promoted to head a marketing and communications team, that lack of appreciation for feedback slowly eroded my team’s functionality. While I had a leadership philosophy founded on open communication, I underestimated how intentional and vigilant I needed to be.

    But a few months into my then new role, an employee informed me things were not operating as smoothly as they once had. I was shocked! Weren’t we producing exceptional campaigns? Weren’t we meeting deadlines and making revenue goals?
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  7. “What’s in it for me? That’s what your potential reader is asking,” said Robinson. “Does your headline answer that question clearly – and quickly – enough?”

    Here’s Robinson’s advice on how to ensure your headlines grab your audience, amassed over five years of branded content work at Forbes and a decade at AOL. “Programming the AOL homepage teaches you a lot about what people click on,” Robinson said. Follow her 9 principles when you rewrite headlines, and higher clickthrough rates might be in your future.
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  8. “Our company,” the CEO’s voiced boomed cheerfully at the company's annual leadership conference, “is an industry leader in customer experience. I’m immensely proud of your efforts in establishing our global reputation for innovation and customer-centricity.” As the applause of the 300 or so company managers began to die down, I glanced at the executive vp sitting next to me. She appeared to be choking on some arugula.

    “Yikes,” she muttered under under her breath.

    I understood where she was coming from. The problem was it was highly unlikely that most of our company’s customers would have agreed with our CEO's assessment.

    In fairness to him, his comments weren’t entirely unfounded; the company’s monthly metrics on customer experience did tell an exciting story. And, as for the marketing department collecting the data, its staff had used common and well-established methodologies.

    But what our leader didn’t realize, was how much of the overall story was data-driven fiction. Specifically, the company's net promotor score -- a single-question metric that predicts customers' loyalty by assessing their likelihood to recommend a company or brand -- was being manipulated by the front-line employees and managers.

    Read the full article here.
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  9. If you’re a business owner and it isn’t clear to you that the customer’s voice is the most important voice to hear, you’ve been living under a rock.

    Now, more than ever, customers expect their needs to be met, and they expect their feedback to be addressed right here, right now. Now that social media has made it easier than ever to spread “word of mouth” commentary about a business’s performance, business leaders need to be acutely aware of what their customers are saying about their brands, while also being able to act upon that feedback in a timely, efficient and satisfactory manner.
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  10. The relationship between the sales and marketing departments naturally varies from organization to organization. But at its core, the relationship is meant to be a new-business-creating one-two punch. Marketing builds up relationships with a wide base of potential clients, while sales converts those relationships into paying customers. This is clearly a massive oversimplification of the buyer’s journey, but it at least illustrates one important fact: These two departments need to work in concert if they have any hope of creating a sustainable customer pipeline. Good content can go a long way toward making that a reality.
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