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  1. Have you ever looked at your web statistics and found that your bounce rates are really high but your conversion rates are really low? You know that this isn’t a good sign, but you have no idea why it’s happening or how to fix it. So what now? In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the best User Experience (UX) tools.
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  2. A customer journey map is a deliverable created by UX designers (or with the input of UX designers) as a way of helping businesses better understand their users’ needs. By mapping the user journey of a product or service across all their touchpoints, we can learn not only where our UX is falling short, but how we can optimize these journeys for more conversions (usually by removing friction).
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  3. User Experience (UX) is somewhat of an ambiguous term. After all, how do you determine what is good UX and what is bad UX? Where do ‘they’ draw the line? And how do you know if you’ve got things under control? Offering up a superior digital user experience is becoming increasingly important among businesses and customers alike – which means you’re going to need the answers to these questions if you want to succeed in achieving a good UX. A great way of learning more about the quality of the UX you provide is by testing and measuring it using User Experience Testing Tools.
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  4. And…that’s a wrap for 2017! We are thrilled to report that we’ve published well over 100 blog posts this year. Aside from being a great resource for everything online feedback, the Mopinion blog covers a wide range of digital topics and trends. From Customer Experience and User Experience to the Online Customer Journey and the rise of Mobile, we’ve written articles catered to every digital role.
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  5. This article explains the why, when, what, how, where, and who of user testing for mobile friendly websites or apps. The sooner you find out your what is wrong with your *brilliant* concept, the easier, quicker, cheaper (and less embarrassing) it is to put it right or – if it is a total flop – go back to the drawing board.
    That is why it is never too early to start testing and why testing should be ingrained into the design and development schedule.
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  6. Conversational or Chat Based UX is a new and exciting trend that gives you insight into what your customer is thinking and what they are looking for. Yet we see plenty of applications that build walls to keep away all kinds of user feedback.

    As a user it is difficult to find something more irritating than a non-functional UI and no easy way to notify the builder that they should fix it. We can find signs that interacting with the users and collecting their feedback is becoming more and more important. With the next iOS 10.3 release developers and users will be able to interact through App Store reviews. Although, it would be best if users do not need to escalate their negative ratings to the App Store at all.
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  7. The following is a short extract from our book, Researching UX: Analytics, written by Luke Hay. It’s the ultimate guide to using analytics for improved user experience. SitePoint Premium members get access with their membership, or you can buy a copy in stores worldwide.

    To understand why your users behave the way they do, you first need to get to know them. You may make assumptions about who those users are, but you should be constantly challenging those assumptions, or at least be backing them up with facts...
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  8. To meet Google's standards for content that deserves a high rank, contributor Brian Ussery suggests following the guidelines the search giant has set for its internal content creators. Google has long stressed the importance of “high-quality content” but has provided little, if any, help for those seeking to create it. Until now....

    Last month, Google’s Developer Relations Group publicly published five different guides aimed at helping its own creators “striving for high-quality documentation.” And “documentation,” when posted online, means digital content....
    http://‘High-quality content’ tips from Google’s own style guides/
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  9. In the market for a customer experience management solution? Beware: with the increasing attention for customer experience, not all customer experience management software is what it seems or claims to be. Many customer feedback solutions and quite some CRM, marketing automation and Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) cloud solution vendors call themselves providers of customer experience management software these days, even if they’re not really always that. But then again, many CEM solution vendors have risen from a convergence of various solution categories as Forrester Research predicted back in 2011 (with a focus on the digital evolutions). A simple look at some of the major players says enough. Typical examples: SDL Tridion and OpenText with their roots in content.
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  10. Testing is a fundamental part of the UX designer’s job and a core part of the overall UX design process. It’s a great way to eliminate problems or user difficulties that were unforeseen in the design phase.
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