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  1. In today's ever-evolving hospitality industry, what makes a great marketing strategy? One thing remains certain. In the hospitality industry, succeeding in marketing requires knowing your guests. And the best way to know your guests is via actionable, data-based insights geared towards guest engagement and satisfaction.

    So the question evolves. How do you best map out and utilize the information gathered about guests to maximize ROI?
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  2. One of the questions I am often asked by organizations is “How do other companies use customer feedback?” Fortunately, the answer to that question is simple because most organizations use customer feedback to create PowerPoint reports or Excel spreadsheets to track performance. They might tie results to compensation or be used to coach front-line employees. These are all good uses of customer feedback, but in many cases, lead to chasing a score versus driving organizational change. The real question should be “How do other companies take action on their customer feedback?”
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  3. Today's marketers are facing a paradox: We have better intelligence and tools for driving growth than ever before. Data-driven digital marketing, programmatic and audience buying are proven to be delivering results. But if return on investment ROI » is going up, why are sales in decline?
    There are some simple causes and effects: Media inflation continues to increase across all channels, while reach has declined for most every channel and publisher. Rising costs combined with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point CPP » , which means creative needs to be exponentially more effective to deliver the same results (and that's before attenuation of media attention is factored in). In most cases, even the best creative cannot offset the decline in efficiency. It's just math. And as the math suggests, in most cases we'd expect to see a decline in payback. Yet most channel-specific measurements show a positive ROI. Why?
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  4. Several years after the introduction of feedback analytics, online retailers continue to find ways to put the priceless resource of the user’s voice to work to increase conversions, sales and customer loyalty. Among the most innovative applications of direct customer feedback is analyzing trends to predict search queries, inform SEO design, adjust merchandising and improve overall marketing ROI.

    Let’s say an online business selling apparel receives numerous feedback items related to a specific brand of shoe. Perhaps one customer is having trouble finding her size, another customer is requesting a certain color and a third wants to check on a shipping date for the pair she ordered. All three customers have different needs the company can meet by responding to their feedback forms. However, if that is all the company does with that feedback, it has missed a valuable marketing opportunity.
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  5. Relevant, engaging content now plays a critical role in nurturing prospects into the purchase funnel to become customers. How can marketers produce, distribute and optimize well-defined content assets — including blogs, email, infographics, landing pages and videos — to create deeper prospect engagement and contribute to business goals and bottom-line results?

    On Thursday, March 10, join Rachel Rosin, Act-On Software’s Web and Content Optimization Manager, and Travis Piepho, Founder and Partner at Prospectr Marketing, as they offer practical solutions to these content marketing challenges. You’ll learn...
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  6. Digital marketing is an industry in constant flux, but email marketing is one comforting constant. However, marketers need to update their strategies to gain attention in a very crowded market. How can rich media help them achieve this? In the early days of email marketing, it was not uncommon to achieve an open rate of greater than 75%. Of course, marketers soon caught wind of this exciting and successful new way to reach customers and the market became saturated over time.

    Although open rates typically hover between 20% and 25% nowadays, email marketing still delivers a positive ROI for B2B and B2C marketers. The medium survives and thrives based on new and more inventive ways of sustaining a customer’s attention. Otherwise, it becomes stagnant and those open rates dwindle further still. Every tactic has a shelf life. We all love to have some best practices to hand, even if these are just a few simple rules of thumb to guide our efforts. These rules abound for email (Tuesday is routinely found to be the best day to send messages), but in reality we need to focus on what happens when the email is opened.
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  7. Two recent reports into the state of the UK’s digital skills landscape painted a startling picture about the challenges and opportunities facing businesses in need of digital transformation. Are apprenticeships the answer?

    Two new reports from Tech City and Arch Apprentices show that while the UK remains a world leader in many respects, without significant changes to how companies recruit and train the next generation of coders, programmers and digital marketers, that status may soon be a thing of the past. The first report, from Tech City, lays out in detail the strength of the UK’s digital infrastructure, pointing out that in 2016 “UK digital tech investment reached £6.8 billion, that’s 50% higher than any other European country.” Thanks to that strong level of investment, the turnover of digital tech businesses has reached £170 billion, an increase of £30 billion in just five years. Most critically, there are now 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK, and the digital sector is creating jobs 2 times faster than the non-digital sector.
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  8. With an ROI of 122%, email is one of the most effective marketing channels. But in order to reap the benefits, marketers must ensure their campaigns reach their intended recipients.

    To help brands overcome the challenges that stand in the way of optimal inboxing, Yes Lifecycle Marketing has developed this deliverability guide focusing on:
    -the building blocks of deliverability.
    -six strategies to maintaining a clean subscriber list.
    -eight steps to improving inboxing rates.
    Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Email Deliverability Guide: Making It to the Subscriber Inbox.”
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  9. Several years after the introduction of feedback analytics, online retailers continue to find ways to put the priceless resource of the user’s voice to work to increase conversions, sales and customer loyalty. Among the most innovative applications of direct customer feedback is analyzing trends to predict search queries, inform SEO design, adjust merchandising and improve overall marketing ROI.
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