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  1. Most customer service professionals are familiar with the two most common customer service metrics: the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score and the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS asks customers how likely they are to recommend a company to their friends or colleagues on a scale of 0 (not at all likely) to 10 (extremely likely), while CSAT typically asks customers to rate the quality of specific experiences, like a customer service chat or a store visit.
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  2. Find and optimize for your “aha” moment - but don’t forget that there are next steps. The way you define "customer success" in your organization will vary - and chances are you’ll have more than one factor to consider.
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  3. Brands nowadays should jump at every opportunity to talk to their customers to learn about them. And businesses are splurging millions on setting up feedback channels: long form-based surveys, social communities and analytics, Net Promoter Score surveys, as well as direct reach via phone and emails.
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  4. Net Promoter Score has been and continues to be, one of the most trusted metrics used by brands to measure the health of customer relationships for 15 years. Many experts touted it as the one number you need to know when planning growth. Traditionally under the purview of customer experience and customer success teams, NPS has become the go-to metric for customer ranking.
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  5. In this article by Typeform, Paul Campillo will show you the value of choosing NPS as your next customer feedback questionnaire.
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  6. What is Customer Experience Management (CEM)? Google it and you’ll find various definitions that explain this currently-buzz worthy concept.

    We live in the age of the customer and it’s time to clarify what CEM truly means. Before I get into that, let’s define what CEM is not: collecting feedback, responding to feedback, or tracking your Net Promoter Score – none of these actions individually represent Customer Experience Management.
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  7. If you have ambitions to grow your accounting practice, it’s important to know how satisfied your clients are. Read on for some ways to uncover client satisfaction and then act on it.
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  8. NPS . . . No, it's not some acronym for an entrepreneurial disease. Instead, it means "net promoter score." And it's an important measure that emerges when you ask your customers the most important question of all. Can you figure out what that would be?
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  9. Imagine that your company’s technology is loved by customers, considered ‘best of breed’ in the industry, and has a steady NPS, comfortably in the 20s, 30s or 40s. Now imagine that in the midst of this success, some of your longest standing accounts begin to drop, others scale back their usage, and referrals slow way down.

    How, you ask, is it possible? After all, isn’t the whole point of having a high NPS to ensure successful retention, upselling, and referrals?
    Here’s the secret: When it comes to technology, NPS has a blind spot.
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  10. For some time now there has been much hype and hopeful news that Net Promoter Score (NPS) was perhaps after all the Holy Grail of customer satisfaction measurement: one single question with a link to business KPIs. Yet over time the number of sceptics has grown, and they have become more vocal. As professionals that have worked with clients using NPS and other customer satisfaction metrics, we would prefer to take a more balanced view of NPS. We also decided to discuss this view with our associates in the United States and AsiaPac region so we could get a global perspective and draw up the advantages and disadvantages of NPS, with special consideration given to NPS as a predictor of future customer loyalty.
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