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  1. Digital transformation consists of multiple interdependent and intersecting changes driven by technological disruption. An organization’s ability to not only survive digital transformation but thrive, is dependent on its ability to manage complex change with a cohesive strategy. Research data from multiple sources indicates that slightly more than half of major change initiatives are viewed as successful. That means that nearly half fail to achieve their goal, a clear indication that organizations will need to sharpen their change management skills to transform to the digital state. Does your organization have a plan in place for managing digital transformation?
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  2. Internet of Things (IoT), the market for which will grow from $625.2 billion in 2015 to $1.29 trillion in 2020, has, helped drive this fundamental shift. It is this ability to connect brands directly with the end-customer that is making IoT one of the key agenda points in boardroom discussions.
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  3. The number of IoT-enabled devices is growing exponentially. Gartner recently suggested that as many as 3.1 billion IoT devices could already be in use by businesses today. Some estimates even predict that by 2025, the total number could be much higher, exceeding 75 billion. Together they’ll generate an immense amount of data, and companies everywhere are scrambling to get their heads around it and figure out how to make the best use of it.
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  4. The past few years have been transformative for enterprise messaging. Organizations across the world are embracing team communication and collaboration platforms such as Flock and realizing efficiency gains.

    Plus, with distributed teams becoming more common, enterprise messengers have become virtual meeting grounds and office spaces for teams everywhere. And with the launch and availability of APIs for almost every service, it’s become much more easier for enterprises to use and customize messaging apps. Bots have also become a key component of messaging platforms – both for personal use and in the enterprise.
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  5. Twitter is planning on launching a new tool that will allow its 300 million users to save tweets privately. The new feature will allow users to create a list of tweets they want to come back to, rather than the commonly used workaround of tapping the heart button, which can suggest to others that you like something or endorse it when you don't....
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  6. Logistics, transportation and warehousing (supply chain overall) are traditionally among the first movers in the space of connected devices which can sense and ‘communicate’, long before the term ‘Internet of Things‘ even was coined.

    The global connected logistics market 2016-2020: growth at a CAGR of close to 30%. With RFID and other connected logistics possibilities, the logistics market tries to build competitive benefits in a world where speed matters more than ever.
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