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  1. Brands nowadays should jump at every opportunity to talk to their customers to learn about them. And businesses are splurging millions on setting up feedback channels: long form-based surveys, social communities and analytics, Net Promoter Score surveys, as well as direct reach via phone and emails.
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  2. "This is a guest post by our friends over at Nicereply. Jakub Slámka will teach why it’s important to ace your next customer feedback survey and which mistakes to avoid. Read on for a great post!"
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  3. Customer feedback is constantly streaming in on review sites and social media. While this public feedback is incredibly valuable, it’s also vital to invest in direct solicited feedback such as surveys. If social media is a public forum, direct feedback is a personal dialogue between your company and your customers. Solicited feedback starts the conversation and allows you to get the responses you really want. Companies that want to increase verified feedback response rates and improve customer experience can boost survey results with a few simple tips.
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  4. Surveys come in all shapes and sizes. Done correctly, surveys can improve all departments in your business:
    -Your product team can use them to find product-market fit and get customer feedback.
    -Your marketing team can use them to improve messaging and support a better sales process.
    -Your customer service team can use them to make customers happier and more satisfied.

    But because all these teams rely on surveys, it’s vital to be surveying customers correctly.
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  5. Customer feedback is essential to improving your product, your delivery, and even your fundamental understanding of your users. Most companies know this, but struggle to gather enough good feedback, beyond the occasional survey, to act on. Why? It could be as simple as the fact that many companies don’t actually ask for feedback. Those that do often make it hard for users to provide feedback.
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  6. The most overrated thing in business—and in life—is praise. Praise makes you feel terrific, but it’s not very illuminating because you almost always already know what you’re good at, don’t you? Criticism is the petri dish of improvement. Without awareness of what you could do better, you are unlikely to actually do it better, right? Why then do so many companies go to the trouble of asking customers to complete surveys, but then invalidate the responses by incentivizing the wrong behaviors?
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