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  1. Shopping cart abandonment is an occurrence that plagues many retailers and webshops all over the world on a daily basis. By definition, shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer starts the checkout process for an order online but drops off before completing the purchase. You will probably all agree with me when I say that the thought of the customer getting all the way to the shopping cart only to leave empty-handed is a very troublesome one, which is why it’s important to take action and stop it.
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  2. User onboarding is the period in which your business is likely to receive the most feedback and support questions from your customers as they want to get started using the product. This makes onboarding an ideal moment to learn from your customers and use those learnings to improve.
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  3. Digital is forcing brands everywhere to rethink how they do business. Across industries, one thing remains the same – the experience must be centered around the customer. Brands can no longer afford to deliver siloed experiences around web, mobile, or brick-and-mortar – it is vital that they address the entire customer journey, across channels. Part of the challenge is taking into account the plethora of different device platforms and varying customer demographics while optimizing experiences on a consistent basis.
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  4. A great user experience isn't a component of a product, service or digital interface, but is about designing the entire process and the related interconnections. What other misconceptions are there around designing a great user experience in financial services?
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  5. User Experience (UX) is somewhat of an ambiguous term. After all, how do you determine what is good UX and what is bad UX? Where do ‘they’ draw the line? And how do you know if you’ve got things under control? Offering up a superior digital user experience is becoming increasingly important among businesses and customers alike – which means you’re going to need the answers to these questions if you want to succeed in achieving a good UX. A great way of learning more about the quality of the UX you provide is by testing and measuring it using User Experience Testing Tools.
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  6. You know that user feedback is crucial — after all, your users will decide whether your app succeeds or not — but how do you know whether users are being fair and objective in their feedback?

    We can tell you: They won’t be. All of your users will be giving you biased feedback. They can’t help it.
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  7. Improving your website’s user experience used to be based largely on speculation around user preferences coupled with some cursory research. You could create a hypothesis, but confirming your hunches required extensive, time-consuming and inefficient testing. And what users told you about their own behavior wasn’t always inaccurate. In other words, effective optimization was hard.

    That’s all changed. Today, you have far more efficient methods of understanding customer behavior available to you as a marketer. By collecting behavioral data for every visitor on your website, you can begin to understand where they are struggling, and use data-driven insights to improve the user experience.
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  8. The proliferation of digital and omni-channels today is redefining user experience (UX). Limelight Networks’ “State of the User Experience – Southeast Asia” study reported that almost half of Internet users in the region are online 16 hours or more each week, outside of work, and they have high expectations for website performance, especially when it comes to E-commerce....
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  9. With so much user data, how does Pandora apply that to better user experiences? It asks people what they like, taking insights from its 50,000-person Soundboard.

    To say Pandora has a lot of data would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a little damp. Every day, Pandora collects more than 1 billion data sets, which it sorts through with a sophisticated ad-tech stack and a team of data scientists, as well as the Soundboard.
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  10. Annually, thousands of digital financial services are launched around the world. Many of them do not achieve their goals. This is partly due to the design or, specifically, the design approach of the creators. Many of these products could be successful if their creators took the right action, at the right time, and changed their approach to financial design.

    Over the past five years, our firm has developed several thousand screens for financial products and solutions and had conversations with hundreds of banks and fintech startups. While observing the industry over the years, we have collected a list of the 10 most common UX misconceptions that you should know about if you are aiming to create successful financial services.
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