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  1. Good or bad — customer feedback promises to make its mark on your top line.

    Rave reviews can help attract new customers and even keep existing ones coming back for more. Nearly 90% of Americans trust online reviews to help them choose between local businesses. Meanwhile, negative reviews help highlight ways to improve the customer shopping experience. Or, at least they should.
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  2. Customers usually give feedback, but only when they believe the business cares. Learn how to create an effective customer feedback channel.

    Customers are usually keen on giving feedback, but only when they believe the business cares about hearing their thoughts.

    These 6 methods to create customer feedback channels encourage interaction and provide actionable data you can use to improve your company now.
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  3. When you’re running a small business, you fight for every customer, client and sale. That’s why it’s frustrating whenever something unexpected throws a wrench in the works. One of those unexpected wrenches for many small businesses is online reviews.

    Positive reviews can springboard your business toward success, while negative reviews can seriously poison the well. In the past, businesses could afford to ignore them. That’s not the case anymore. Understanding reviews and knowing how to use them to your advantage is often the difference between going big and going home.
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  4. Business owners need to learn how to handle their customers well. Customer feedback and reviews in any business can either break or make a business. Online platforms like Amazon where numerous reviews are made by customers that have used various products also use customer feedback and reviews.

    The feedback received benefits both the customers and the seller. It is very important for sellers to know what their customers are saying about their products which play a great role in the growth and expansion of a business.
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