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  1. One of the hardest things about design is keeping track of the terminology. There are many words to learn, and definitions frequently overlap. But don’t think for a moment that any two terms mean the exact same thing. Distinctions abound. Abbreviations matter.

    So it is with user experience and customer experience design, or UX vs. CX. The two disciplines are so closely related, their differences so murky, that they are sometimes used interchangeably.
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  2. Businesses now have all of the tools necessary to find out how people feel about their branding efforts. Social listening is a marketing strategy that allows companies to read and respond to customer feedback on social media. This gives them the opportunity to fine-tune their marketing efforts to help them achieve their goals.
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  3. Local SEO competition is heating up. 2018 is the year for you to really raise your local SEO game to enjoy the sweet fruits of high visibility for local searches on Google. Here are 5 strategies you can trust. Read more...
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  4. By now, all brands should know control over their image isn’t entirely in their hands. Through blogs, discussion boards, social networks, and other forms of CGM (define), consumers can easily make their opinions heard and contribute to shaping how clients’ products and services are perceived. As my colleague and editor Rebecca Lieb points out in a recent column, “engaging in participation and dialogue is the way to earn” consumers’ respect. Hence the increasing popularity of campaigns in which marketers solicit ad materials from customers.

    But sharing in this way begets the need to shield clients from negative feedback. It’s become ad agencies’ and media strategists’ responsibility to shelter them. How can this be effectively done? Is there any “safe” place for brands on the Web?
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  5. By 2020, targeted ads based on demography will be replaced with personalized ads for each consumer on each device.
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