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  1. We no longer have to imagine the idea of talking robots and artificial intelligence via sci-fi literature and future-gazing motion pictures. With the power of cognitive-first applications and machine learning, organisations around the world are leveraging cognitive computing across industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, marketing and defence to name just a few. By analysing masses of data collected through connected devices, sensors and user journeys, cognitive computing can support smarter solutions by processing the data efficiently.
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  2. The technology is developing every passing day; people are getting introduced to various techniques. Such thing helps in solving various issues that are being ignored for a long time due to lack of sources and resources. Just like that, data storage is something that is too tacky and hassle-filled work for any organization.
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  3. Software development services are indispensable. Organizations and even individuals all over the world need software solutions to simplify and make their processes more effective, enabling them to perform tasks faster.

    The world today is all about ‘innovation or persuasion’ and the same applies across industries, which include the IT sector. Software development companies have mastered the art of software designing and software development. The service providers deliver customized solutions all over the world, for various clients, coming from the start-up levels to large enterprises. With vast domain knowledge as well as in-depth technology expertise, they could cater to the needs of valuable clientele worldwide.
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  4. What’s the role of artificial intelligence in content marketing? How can we leverage the Internet of Things in content marketing? In which way can we better use (big) data and automation to personalize more, ideally in real-time? What about VR and AR? And even: how will technologies soon enable us to automatically create content?

    The less technology-oriented content marketing experts explain which channels and formats are poised to grow: print is back, video and visual are key, short is the way to go (or longreads are better), mobile is a must and even email is back (from never having been away).
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