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  1. Collecting customer feedback is crucial, but there’s more to capturing the voice of the customer (VoC) than compiling readily available data and dropping it into a spreadsheet.
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  2. Nailing the right product is hard. Sometimes you have to think outside the box to gather customer insights—before they even become customers.
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  3. This past summer my wife and I took advantage of our kids being at camp by going on vacation to what most would consider to be a high-end luxury property (we used hotel points). It was a great trip. The property was beautiful. The service was friendly. They were attentive to my wife's dietary needs, and over several days they came to know us and began to anticipate our preferences. Tea instead of coffee. Extra side of crispy bacon. Our last night, one of the waiters whom we had gotten to know pretty well did some card tricks at our table. It was a great week.

    A few days after returning home, I got a survey from our hotel, and here's where things went off track. "Tell us how we did by completing this short survey." You probably know what comes next: A long online questionnaire that asked standard questions about how clean the rooms were, how enjoyable my stay was, etc. It felt like the questions were about someone else's trip. On vacation, they knew us so well. What happened?
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