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  1. In today’s fast-paced world, where our thoughts, opinions, and ideas can be shared with the click of a mouse or with a few taps on a keyboard, there seems to be a constant yearning to have our voices heard, to offer advice, and to give our opinions in as short amount of time as possible. This may work on social media; however, when you have a business to run and clients to serve, this can cause problems.
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  2. We’ve all heard that writing according to the company style guide is good for customers because it creates brand voice consistency. But does that still apply when customers are looking for help? When it comes to self-service, the brand voice can often be tone deaf. It may be time to trade in the traditional brand voice for a more adaptive, empathetic approach to communication that puts the customer’s language and style, not your brand’s, at the center.
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  3. Slack today introduced shared channels, a way for companies to create ongoing joint chatrooms to do business together. The feature, which will be available to paid users of Slack, can now be accessed through an open beta program. If it succeeds, it could build a powerful network of companies that rival communication apps will struggle to displace.

    The idea behind shared channels is to let companies that interact frequently have a central place to discuss common business. A tech company might open a shared channel with its advertising agency, for example, or a manufacturer might create one for the contractor that handles its returns. Other good candidates for a shared channel include outside legal counsel and food and beverage vendors, Slack executives told me. “We think of shared channels as the most important thing we’ve launched since Slack itself,” says April Underwood, vice president of product at Slack. “They’re fundamentally a new way of working.”
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