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  1. Email campaigns are ideal for reaching out to a large audience, but often this communication only goes one way. That's why you need a survey that will strike up a conversation and give you insights into how your campaigns are received.
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  2. To be subjective, or to be objective, that is the question, and the best product managers already know the correct answer is “both.” As product managers, we constantly face situations where the unknowns outnumber the knowns that we can rely on. It’s our job to drive out that uncertainty and ensure that both people and efforts align toward a common objective. Sometimes these discussions flow smoothly, as the goalposts that we set can be quickly and easily agreed upon – things like providing a quality user experience, solving valuable problems for our customers and our market, and introducing competitively differentiating capabilities are hardly controversial.

    What does become controversial, however, is how we go about those things as a team, what exactly we should do, and who we should be building those products for. And when those discussions come up, it’s inevitable that everyone at the table will have different ideas about what those things are – and, unfortunately, the vast majority of those ideas will not be based on hard data. Hence why we, as Product Managers, need to make it our business to ensure that we’re bringing data to the table as we represent and advocate for our customers and our market in those conversations; to do so, we must provide stakeholders with the right mix of qualitative insight and quantitative data that will not only help win them over to our preferred course of action, but also minimize the risk of later changes of course.
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  3. Some companies employ a single person responsible for their content marketing campaigns. There are some advantages to this, including maintaining absolute control and mastering a singular voice and vision. But if only one person is working on the content, you’ll miss out on the benefits of collaboration.

    Content collaboration is just what it sounds like; you’ll have multiple people working together on a single piece of content, usually for your brand. It can involve people from within your organization, outside influencers, or even competitors, in some cases....
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  4. With every piece of marketing content you put into the world, you have the opportunity to learn more about your audience and the resonance of that content. Each like (or lack thereof), good comment (or bad), you’re learning more about what content is engaging your audience most. Within the reactions is all the data needed to create more personalized content. And that is no longer a “nice to have.” Personalized content delivered in the moment, and driven by specific needs of your audience is a requirement for formative engagement.
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