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  1. In a development with potentially huge implications for digital marketing and consumer privacy, numerous Internet service providers have begun using or testing technologies that track their subscribers’ online activities and serve ads based on those behaviors.

    The trend is part of an ongoing bid by ISPs to hang ten on the digital advertising tsunami that’s largely passed them by while stuffing the pockets of Web giants like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and Microsoft.
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  2. In Hong Kong, the fallout from the Octopus data privacy scandal continued to linger through the end of 2010, as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner released its report on the incident as well as a set of proposals for amendments to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. This was followed shortly thereafter by a government report on the extensive public consultation on the review of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, or PDPO.

    While the Privacy Commissioner’s report neither shed any new light on the incident, nor actually called out any specific breach of the ordinance by Octopus (apart from a perhaps excessive collection of data), the government report on the other hand, at almost 200 pages long, proved a interesting reading. Covering both proposals for the ordinance that will be taken forward for further review as well as those that will not, it provided members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (Legco) with some great ammunition for the lengthy debates that took place in public and behind closed doors through November and December. And there are clearly many views from the various political parties and from those members that occupy the functional constituency seats (like insurance for example) that could be impacted by any proposed changes.
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  3. Several new initiatives are aimed at bringing machine learning into publisher products and offering solutions for driving subscriptions.
    Google is laying the groundwork for turning the love-hate relationship many publishers have with the company into a love-love relationship. In an event for publishers hosted at the Google offices in Chicago Tuesday, executives laid out several new initiatives aimed at extending a helping hand to publishers across multiple aspects of their businesses....
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  4. A system of user data rights will balance the reality of new technologies and increased data processing with the need to limit harms.
    The collection and use of personal data in order to deliver public and commercial services is now routine in India. For a country with large digital ambitions, one of the key questions will be: How should we think about regulating the use of Indians’ personal data?
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  5. Microsoft is facing questions again, this time from the Netherlands Data Protection Authority (DPA), over how the company collects user data from the Windows 10 operating system meant for PCs. The DPA suggests that Microsoft is breaching the Dutch data protection laws, by processing user data from computing devices they use. This is not the first time that Microsoft has been questioned over the fairly aggressive collection of user data and how that information is handled....
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  6. With so much user data, how does Pandora apply that to better user experiences? It asks people what they like, taking insights from its 50,000-person Soundboard.

    To say Pandora has a lot of data would be like saying the Atlantic Ocean is a little damp. Every day, Pandora collects more than 1 billion data sets, which it sorts through with a sophisticated ad-tech stack and a team of data scientists, as well as the Soundboard.
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