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  1. Out of all the social networks where people rant and rave their opinions, why should your business still care about Twitter?

    Even as newer, “hotter” networks gain steam, Twitter remains a great platform both for customers who need to reach out in real time and for businesses looking to learn more about their customers.
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  2. In this article by Typeform, Paul Campillo will show you the value of choosing NPS as your next customer feedback questionnaire.
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  3. Collecting and analysing feedback is one thing, but bringing it to a profitable conclusion by taking action is what makes the whole feedback process worthwhile. We refer to this last step as ‘closing the feedback loop’. This is a key concept in managing the online customer experience, which is why it’s important that this step is not overlooked. It’s also imperative that this step is carried out as efficiently and effectively as possible. To do this, close collaboration is often required. The question is, what does this collaboration look like?
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  4. To be an effective leader, you need to continuously evolve. So, you challenge your own assumptions to avoid blind spots. You stretch your thinking preferences to increase agility. And you invest in others to help them reach their full potential. As a successful leader, you do all of these things — and others — until you don’t.

    For many leaders, there is often one specific challenge that stops their progression in its tracks. The most surprising thing? You probably already know what yours is. If you’ve ever said the words “I’ve gotten this feedback before,” chances are you’re playing with fire and undermining your own success by failing to address the issue.
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  5. E-mail marketers got another boost for deliverability recently when Yahoo Mail announced that Return Path will handle its feedback loops for managing spam complaints.

    This helps you as a commercial e-mail sender, because a good portion of your mailing list likely goes to yahoo.com domains, even if you mail primarily B2B (define). Up to one quarter of a typical consumer list could be Yahoo-bound. Having this new feedback loop in place means you can manage and process spam complaints coming from Yahoo Mail users that you might not have gotten previously. Once your feedback loop request is accepted, you will receive e-mail that Yahoo recipients marked as spam at the e-mail address you specify. Remove those complaining addresses promptly from your database.
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  6. Growth marketing is typically defined as using behavioral data to run personalized marketing campaigns and achieve a better understanding of one’s customers. Because users’ preferences, lifetime value and other defining characteristics are not set in stone, growth marketers must maintain a commitment to self-improvement around the tools and tactics that drive their marketing strategy.

    One core tenet of this approach is prioritizing customer engagement over acquisition: focusing on retaining existing users instead of just acquiring new ones. Studies show that a 5% increase in retention can result in a 25-95% increase in profit...
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  7. You might think you put your customers first, but how customer-focused would your clients rate you on a scale of one to 10? And when was the last time you asked? In a study by Bain & Company, nearly 95 percent of companies surveyed claimed to put customer service at the forefront, while 80 percent maintained they provide a superior level of service. Shockingly, a mere eight percent of those companies’ customers agreed. And, as the old saying goes, the customer is always right. So how can you determine, without a doubt, if the customer experience you provide measures up to your core customers’ expectations?
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