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  1. Mopinion’s platform has undergone several changes in order to meet the requirements of GDPR. Among these changes is the modification of our visual feedback feature. Visual feedback allows Mopinion users to take an even closer look at how visitors experience their websites and mobile apps. The nature of this feedback, however, also presents some privacy risks (such as feedback screenshots that contain personal data) which must be mitigated completely. Mopinion has carefully and delicately reviewed all aspects of its visual feedback feature and added several powerful data masking options for protecting privacy-sensitive data.
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  2. This article guides you through the basics of GDPR (e.g. what it is and who will be affected), the most critical changes to be aware of in terms of digital feedback collection, why it’s important to comply with these regulations, the consequences if you choose not to and what we’re doing here at Mopinion to get ourselves and our clients ready for the new legislation.
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  3. In Hong Kong, the fallout from the Octopus data privacy scandal continued to linger through the end of 2010, as the Office of the Privacy Commissioner released its report on the incident as well as a set of proposals for amendments to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. This was followed shortly thereafter by a government report on the extensive public consultation on the review of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, or PDPO.

    While the Privacy Commissioner’s report neither shed any new light on the incident, nor actually called out any specific breach of the ordinance by Octopus (apart from a perhaps excessive collection of data), the government report on the other hand, at almost 200 pages long, proved a interesting reading. Covering both proposals for the ordinance that will be taken forward for further review as well as those that will not, it provided members of the Hong Kong Legislative Council (Legco) with some great ammunition for the lengthy debates that took place in public and behind closed doors through November and December. And there are clearly many views from the various political parties and from those members that occupy the functional constituency seats (like insurance for example) that could be impacted by any proposed changes.
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  4. WeChat has confirmed what has been rumoured all along i.e. it gives all user information to the Chinese government. The popular app in a privacy statement is now informing the users that virtually all the private user information will be disclosed to the authorities. WeChat, owned by the Chinese firm Tencent, is a messaging app similar to the WhatsApp. With over 662 million users, the app, besides being the dominant messaging app in China, it is one of the largest in the world. The app is also infamous for its links with the Chinese regime. A 2016 survey by Amnesty International ranked it lowest among popular messaging apps with regard to privacy protection of its users....
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