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  1. Organizations use a variety of data collection techniques. While some are polished and highly effective, others are a jumbled mess and the results look worse than a teenager’s bedroom. If you’re in the latter, good luck trying to make sense of it.

    Some organizations have clung to using paper forms. Yes, a form that was created at some point in history and has survived many generations via the copy machine. This means customers and employees are still using a long outdated process to collect data. Paper forms can lead to a truckload of errors – mainly due to poor handwriting, lost forms, paying someone to accurately type the form information into a database, which can lead to typos – thereby rendering the data inaccurate, and the time required to manually input this data possibly worthless. And this could represent a single department in a large organization. If several departments use this same methodology, the error rate may increase by a magnitude.

    If this is your data collection process towards building a stronger relationship with your customers, you could be starting off on the wrong foot. If it takes too much time to respond to customer inquiries, or if you can’t because the data is incomplete, you’re probably going to have an uphill battle on your hands if your goal is to impress the customer.
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  2. Collecting customer feedback is crucial, but there’s more to capturing the voice of the customer (VoC) than compiling readily available data and dropping it into a spreadsheet. Companies known for great customer service go beyond basic data collection — pulling feedback in from a variety of sources, carefully analyzing sentiment and leveraging key takeaways to improve products and services.
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  3. Many Indian BFSI players have started embarking on the Digital Transformation journey. One of the leading mutual fund houses in India was facing challenges with a large number of investors and distributors which led to problems of concurrency and a poor customer experience
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