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  1. While website personalisation is by no means a new concept, many sources such as McKinsey claim that ‘the exciting promise of personalisation is not here yet”. This is because there is still so much in terms of technology, data and analytics that we have yet to delve into. It has – however – becoming a very trending topic over the last few years seeing as how it is an item on just about every digital customer experience trends list this year. So we thought why not give you some tips on which website personalisation tools you might want to consider.
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  2. Ecommerce is a rapidly expanding business niche, with numerous brands marketing an endless range of products and services for all types of target audience. Providing outreach to international audience without requiring a physical store with nominal investment, almost every brand has a web store for capitalizing on the immeasurable potential of ecommerce. Online shopping provides customers the facility to select their desired products and services from the convenience of their location, which has made it a popular choice among customers.

    With ecommerce retails in US predicted to reach $460 billion in 2017, it is evident that it will continue to be a profitable venture and optimizing for conversions is mandatory for your ecommerce store to surpass competitors. The following 10 ecommerce tips are derived by analyzing trends in 2017 and are designed to optimize conversions for higher revenue:
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