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  1. When you're putting your heart and soul into designing, building, or improving a piece of software, tuning in to feedback from users can sometimes get you down. Imagine waking up one morning and finding your project is being mentioned on Twitter in a slew of bad messages...
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  2. Whether you create your product for external clients, consumers, or internal users, your users will eventually see some version of your product. Maybe that’s a wire-frame, a clickable prototype, an interactive prototype with dummy data, or a live product.
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  3. In order to get feedback you can actually use to build a better product, you need to know the right questions to ask, and the right answers to look for.
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  4. Supplementing quantitative data with qualitative feedback will help you better pinpoint what to improve and move the needle on user onboarding with more speed and accuracy. Here are four ways to get qualitative data to help improve user onboarding.
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  5. Online surveys are a quick and incredibly useful tool for gathering all sorts of user feedback. In next to no time you can whip something up using one of the many online survey tools out there and start gathering feedback from real users.
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  6. Social media is a meaningful channel through which to collect valuable customer feedback. With billions of people around the world already engaged in these social media communities, you should create profiles and provide customer support from your brand for those valuable customers who want an easier, faster way to get in touch with you than by hopping on a phone call.
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  7. How good is your big idea? How good are your small ones? Your new features? Is your startup solving a real problem? Who are your most loyal customers?…
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  8. Ensuring that your customers know how to use your products and don’t encounter any major obstacles to utilizing all of its features and functionalities is the big win for most parties involved.
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  9. You’ll know if you’re building your business in the right direction when you collect feedback from your users consistently. So experiment with the following methods and find the right combination for your business.
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  10. Here’s the scenario: You have a minimum viable product. You’re talking to your users about it. You’re asking them questions, and they’re answering. But for some reason, it’s just not turning into usable information...
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