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  1. The buyer’s journey is morphing into a self-guided tour, and therefore, capturing and tracking behavioral data is more important than ever. Integrating sales and marketing in a closed loop based on that data is your key to conversion.

    In this issue of Agency Perspective from SharpSpring, you’ll learn about:

    - “closing the loop” to keep up with changing buyer behaviors.
    - five technologies for optimizing campaigns and tracking performance.
    - the stages involved in a successful closed-loop strategy.
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  2. Evolutions in the buyer journey, coupled with rampant rhetoric, is sapping the credibility of B2B tech vendors. The buyer journey is in an enhanced state of flux for all businesses these days, but discussions around this trend tend to revolve around B2C brands. B2B marketers, it seems, are equally struggling with adapting to new customer behaviors, but they have the added problem of a lack of credibility.
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