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  1. Other generations think that millennials are entitled teenagers who want everything instantly. However, businesses, in particular, need to change that perspective. Millennials are powerful especially in the world of social media. They are also now the largest consumer in the world with approximately $200 billion annual revenue.

    Satisfying Millennials With Social Media

    In this age and technology, it is important for companies to note that social media is changing how the world of business works. According to Microsoft’s 2016 State of Global Customer Service report, 64 percent of millennials think that social media is a very effective way to solve customer problems. It is no doubt, therefore, that 52 percent of the said generation uses this platform in looking for solutions to their queries.
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  2. One of the primary complaints about millennial employees is that they often expect frequent promotion or raises, when they have not put in the work to earn them. While many see this as entitled, it’s important to unpack where this tendency comes from. According to a recent Addison Group survey, 82% of millennials expect a promotion and/or raise at least every other year. Clearly this is a trend that cannot be ignored, as most young adults desire it. Today, it’s necessary for employers to incorporate some way of measuring millennial employees that can be viewed instantly and give them a sense of where they stand.
    Millennials have grown up with everything at their fingertips and instant feedback. Think about their exposure to video games and how instantaneous the feedback is in a game. There’s a running scoreboard, where one can always see where they stand and know if they will win, lose, or move to the next level. It’s no surprise then that young employees are looking for frequent feedback, a scoreboard on their progress, and a road map to where they are headed.
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  3. In the wake of the recession, countless Americans — particularly student loan-laden, underemployed millennials — stitched together a livable wage from a patchwork quilt of income streams. From the rot of the Great Recession, the gig economy bloomed, and alongside it, a curious kind of slang creeped into our collective vernacular and lodged itself there firmly. “Side-hustle,” which first entered our language via African-American newspapers in the ’50s, became a slick, hashtaggable shorthand for “working my ass off, often in addition to a full-time job, just so I can make rent and maybe cover my car payment too.”
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  4. If one were to place a lot of stock in what is written about millennials, it would be easy to believe the generation is all in its mid twenties, drifting in and out of meaningless jobs. The reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Some millennials today are well into their thirties. Many, even the younger ones, are established into their careers. Millennials are now in leadership roles or emerging into those roles.
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  5. Millennials in the United States fuel social media, keep up with the latest trends, quickly integrate new tools and devices into their lives and spend US$600 billion a year. In fact, experts predict their spending power will exceed $1 trillion by 2020. So, if you’re trying to target the 92 million online users between 19 and 35 years old, you have a lot to learn—and a lot to earn.
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  6. The future of digital is rapidly transforming right before our very eyes. Digital is inheriting the earth, and the generational shift is in full force as millennials and Gen X grow older and smartphones, computers, and tablets become the go-to options for media consumption. But the rise of digital won't just affect news. Advertising and television will also face major disruption in the coming years.
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