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  1. In a blog post explaining ways in which it collects user feedback, Facebook says that tens of thousands of its users opt in to take the company’s user research surveys every week on the platform. The responses to surveys are among the feedback methods that inform company decisions around product updates and ranking algorithms.
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  2. Facebook has been trying to improve its services for its users and has come up with Community Standards and ads policies that govern the ads that will also mark bad shopping experiences off Facebook. On Tuesday Facebook globally launched its new tool, the ‘Leave Feedback’ button that will prompt users to tell about their shopping experiences.
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  3. You can almost set your watch to it. Yesterday, in the heat of an upfronts season in which TV stalwarts are taking pots at digital media, Facebook announced its 10th measurement error since September. Per usual, Facebook’s mistake elicited demands from ad buyers for more third-party verification on the platform. And the collective effective of the errors is getting on buyers’ nerves.

    “There is a general sense of ‘what could be next,’” said Jessica Baum, media director at Traction. “Even though the last error was smaller in scope, it still impacts overall trust.”

    Facebook’s latest error stems from a bug that led it to miscalculate how often users clicked through its carousel ad units, which let brands show multiple images and link to their properties. Facebook declined interview requests for this story....
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