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  1. How much value can you get from connecting customer feedback across all the touchpoints of your customer’s journey?

    Collecting feedback is critical to improving customer experience, developing better products and services, and nurturing customer love. Unfortunately, most companies only collect feedback in a single place, and usually only after a transaction has been completed. Even when customer sentiment or opinion is captured in different ways or through distinct channels, companies often fail to ‘stitch’ together the emotions and comments expressed, and evaluate exposed trends to build a more complete picture of a customer’s journey experience.
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  2. Here’s the scenario: You have a new app that is (you think) ready for its debut in the public spotlight. Your boss just wants to do one last check to make sure everything goes as planned – are there clear instructions? Is it intuitive? Will users “get” it? Your boss wants to get feedback from real users before the app goes live. Fair enough. That’s doable (you can send it to your friends and family). There’s one catch though: your main users are in France, Germany, and China (where your friends and family, unfortunately, aren’t) and all this feedback has to be in hands of the product team within four hours…
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