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  1. So you’ve started your company, you’ve been building like crazy, and you’ve just launched your first prototype. What’s the next step (after congratulating yourself, of course)? Well, sit back, watch, and—get ready to learn.

    As you see your first few users try out your product, you should be asking yourself (and them!) all kinds of questions: Were the assumptions on which you built the product correct? Do users find it captivating and valuable? What’s missing? What’s confusing? Often times, you’ll find that there are features that you thought were important to users that aren’t—and vice versa.

    So, once you launch your alpha, your beta, or really any major product or feature, use these methods for collecting great feedback.
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  2. Do you collect user or customer feedback? If so, how are you using it to improve your website or online business? Reaching out to your visitors and asking them how they like your site and areas for improvement is one of the best ways to better your product or business.
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  3. Supplementing quantitative data with qualitative feedback will help you better pinpoint what to improve and move the needle on user onboarding with more speed and accuracy. Here are four ways to get qualitative data to help improve user onboarding.
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  4. How good is your big idea? How good are your small ones? Your new features? Is your startup solving a real problem? Who are your most loyal customers?…
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  5. Ensuring that your customers know how to use your products and don’t encounter any major obstacles to utilizing all of its features and functionalities is the big win for most parties involved.
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  6. How can we build good products if we never talk or see real-life users? In this post the author offers 7 powerful ways to make this kind of interaction happen.
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  7. Having extensive knowledge of user behavior can make you a valuable asset on any project team, allowing you to deliver key advice on application design and development. Here are 10 ways you can gather feedback from users.
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  8. Getting better feedback out of users is a conscious process. It doesn’t require huge amounts of effort to put processes in place to elicit better feedback.
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