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  1. Following up with customers is a basic principle of operation and smart companies are always looking for better methods of engagement. But as technology advances, organizations are scrambling to keep up with expanding data and shifting expectations.

    In spite of their best efforts, even smart companies still fail to close the loop with customers in several ways. Below, I break down the most critical missed opportunities and how businesses can address them to drive results:
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  2. We also know that customers are bored with surveys – we’d even go so far as to say that surveys are dying. We’re offering brands a real alternative to traditional surveys that allows each to listen to customers on their terms. This year and beyond we want to continue to disrupt the market, have fun with this messaging and be seen as an alternative to traditional providers in this space.
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  3. In the retail industry, the customer is at the core of success (as the saying goes, “the customer is always right”), which is why there is a constant desire to know more about them. What do they expect, what do they like, did they enjoy visiting the store, were the employees helpful? Generally, we believe that the more feedback we solicit, the more data we receive. And the more data points acquired from the customer, the better retailers can understand how to both cater to and enhance their experience.
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