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  1. Alternatively, other businesses do care about their customers but they really don’t feel that asking their feedback generates significant value. After all, they have previously been thriving in their business for decades without actually asking their customers about their thoughts and experiences.
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  2. Real-time customer feedback is a type of qualitative data collection, in which you receive live feedback from visitors on your website or mobile app. With real-time customer feedback, you can immediately see the needs and wishes of your visitors as well as monitor for potential problems such as bugs or missing information in the customer journey.
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  3. Ever been put into a position where an online customer is asking you a question about a specific issue and he presumes you can pick up where your colleague left off? Meanwhile you have no prior knowledge of the matter and no documentation to refer to for checking the status of the issue? I think you can see where I’m going with this – this is obviously not an ideal situation to be in, for both you OR your customer.
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  4. We’ve gathered some interesting articles from various online marketing portals and communities about customer feedback. These experts give their advice and opinions on various topics surrounding online feedback and we want to share it with you!
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  5. Have you been showing your customers enough love lately? In light of the upcoming holiday – Valentine’s Day – we must remind ourselves how meaningful customer relationships are, which is why we’ve dedicated this blog to emphasizing the importance of customer loyalty and how it can be enhanced through online customer feedback.
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  6. One of the fastest growing companies in the digital customer experience space, Mopinion believes online customer feedback is a crucial ingredient to the success of digital-first companies.
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