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  1. User experience (UX) is the most important part of any app. If a user finds an app difficult to use then it doesn’t matter how well it’s built or how good it looks – they won’t use it.

    There are many areas within user experience, but the one we will focus on is micro interactions, which closely link to motion design and to the user interface (UI). Micro interactions are sometimes overlooked or viewed as a ‘nice to have’, however more and more people are seeing the benefits of spending time implementing them to enhance UX and better engage their end users.
    Tags: , , , by Tjeerd Traats (2018-07-04)
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  2. Facebook has been trying to improve its services for its users and has come up with Community Standards and ads policies that govern the ads that will also mark bad shopping experiences off Facebook. On Tuesday Facebook globally launched its new tool, the ‘Leave Feedback’ button that will prompt users to tell about their shopping experiences.
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  3. In this opinion piece, Matias Bezzo (pictured below), a senior designer at Engaging.io, discusses the importance of user testing and why clients often refuse to do it.
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  4. There’s lots of stuff to say about 2012’s Syndicate. The hacking was really, really well integrated in the action, in a way that felt great pretty much every time. The feel of the world was pretty nice, though the main plot was pretty surface-level on exploring, like, any of it. There’s lots of incredibly 2012 stuff about the game too. For instance, there are like 5 actions that are done with different semi-context-sensitive buttons when a single one would do just fine. The boss fights are horrible, due to the weird 2012 thing where games would have cool powers, and then make the bosses immune to those powers so you’re forced to rely on normal shooting. The credits aggressively blast dubstep at you, it’s a great 2012 romp all around.
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  5. As TriMet inches ever closer to the final design of their $175 million Division Transit Project, the agency once again needs feedback on how best to handle bicycle users at new bus stations. And with protected bike lanes becoming a more common feature citywide, whatever TriMet decides to use could become the new standard.
    Tags: , , , by Tjeerd Traats (2018-06-21)
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  6. ECMWF has seen a steady increase in the number of commercial, research and national meteorological and hydrological service (NMHS) data licences in the past three years, with a growing number of industries looking to use meteorological data in their services. A user survey conducted in the summer of 2017 is helping ECMWF to improve its services by increasing data volume limits and working on a new pricing tool.
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  7. Environmentally friendly, low-carbon energy technologies are needed to achieve global climate targets. Tobias Schmidt’s research examines the interaction between public policy and carbon-reducing innovations in the energy sector. He will present his findings at the world’s largest science conference, the AAAS, in February.
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  8. Have you ever asked a user of your product how they like it, and had them tell you it’s fantastic, super easy to use, and they love it?

    I bet it made you feel great didn’t it?

    Well… bad news… that kind of feedback sucks, and hearing it does nothing for you besides making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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  9. When deciding which law firm to hire, potential clients consult the source they trust most: other clients. Online reviews play a huge role in the client’s decision-making process. To succeed in such a landscape, legal practices must develop a deep understanding of their clients’ wants and needs, immediately address all client issues, and ensure satisfied clients’ voices get heard.
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  10. Today, developing a SaaS product and launching it in the market is easier than ever before. The good news is that there is a market for almost every quality product. With platforms like Siftery, Product Hunt, and Stack Share, product discovery for and access to early adopters has become a cake walk. However, every SaaS founder takes a leap of faith when building a new product. The success of this leap depends largely on how good the product’s roadmap is. The product roadmap doesn’t necessarily mean that the product must have a definitive feature list with a meticulously carved release plan. For me, it is more important that the product roadmap have a clear identification of the customer problems that the product will continue to solve with every new feature. And most importantly, it must answer how the “build-measure-learn” feedback loop will be incorporated into the product.
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