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  1. Why is Project Management (PM) often still time consuming and inefficient? Are you still repeatedly updating spreadsheets, drowning in post-its and participate in weekly update meetings? That’s really a waste of time and effort. You can have a complete overview of your project in a glance, with a little help from the right software tool. These days there’s more than enough project management software, helping you stay on top of each project.
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  2. From a single blog to a full-blown website, any new digital marketing project goes through several iterations before launch. Each stage of the project presents an opportunity to discuss the plan, make changes, and get buy-in from the entire team. When clients skip this opportunity or fail to understand its importance, bad things happen.
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  3. Researchers at IBM recently announced that the firm's distributed visual data recognition models can now be trained faster than competing models from Facebook, according to TechCrunch. Distributed visual data processing is a subset of deep learning, which is a branch of machine learning, that uses several graphics processing units (GPUs) to process and analyze massive data sets. It's ideal for very large deep learning projects where the data is too large to be processed on a single GPU. While not specifically designed for the IoT, distributed visual data recognition could aid larger IoT ecosystems in particular.
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