A note to designers: You dont own the design

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  1. We know this solution is more usable based on the feedback the usability tests provide us with, but its just a bit boring, was the heartbreaking feedback the agency received from their client. Theres no way our users wouldnt know what that interface control means. You might think that the arrogance of speaking on behalf of users without ever having met one or, worse still, ignoring user feedback if it doesnt suit represents a luxuriant hubris for the tiny minority of organisations so successful and with such desirable products that their users will take what they are given. However, this authors experience suggests that this outlook is more prevalent than it should be, based on what we know about the close relationship between how organisations treat their customers online and commercial success.
    Tags: design, user-feedback, usability, by eringilliam (2017-12-11)
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