What Product Managers Forget About User Feedback

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  1. In every meeting Jeff Bezos attends, theres an empty chair among the C-suite employees and board members to represent the customer. The idea is to remind decision-makers that customers cant speak at the meeting, but the company still has to prioritize them. For PMs at the drawing board, its easy to get lost in the numbers of usage behavior and statistics. They dont look at the empty chair, but they still need to consider what the customer would think. With so much behavioral data out there, whats the use in pestering the customer to ask for insight? PMs are afraid to contact their customers through email, NPS surveys, or in-app messaging, too worried theyll annoy users or get skewed data since only their happiest or unhappiest customers will respond. Asking your users for feedback sounds like a great way to give the customer a seat at the table.
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