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  1. The ubiquity of virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana and Alexa, together with improvements in technology, has led to an uptick in voice search queries. For businesses that rely on local search traffic, this has important ramifications for their strategy.

    So how can businesses ensure they aren’t left behind when it comes to local search?
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  2. Defined by the World Economic Forum as ‘broadcasting, publishing, advertising, and gaming’, the media industry is all-pervasive in modern life. For audiences, it provides daily news, entertainment and information. For marketers, it’s direct to channel to a network of customers. Advancements in technology have fundamentally changed the way the media industry operates...
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  3. Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. There’s that subtle hint of pumpkin spice lingering in the air, costumes filling up all of the party stores and of course, the most quintessential Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus has taken up the number one spot on Netflix. With all of this Halloween fever around us, we simply couldn’t resist adding a little Halloween ‘flair’ to our blog. So – in light of the holiday – we want to emphasize several ways online feedback can prevent your customers from having a ‘scary’ customer experience!

    But before we begin, it’s important that you become acquainted with the most common ‘horrors’ (or irritations) that online customers often encounter; horrors that can tarnish the customer experience and ultimately (if not resolved), put these customers off to your brand...
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  4. Two contrasting things happened in my world this week: I installed multiple analytics packages in a client’s website so we will get more insight into consumer behavior, and I started reading the Steve Jobs biography in which he basically says he’s not concerned with what customers want or say. These two ideas are seemingly diametrically opposed until you put more context around them.
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  5. This is a sponsored post written by Topvisor. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own.
    - They say you should know your enemy.
    - The same is true for your online competitors.
    - You should know your rivals if you want to get ahead of them.
    But how exactly can you conduct a smart competitive research today?....
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  6. Computer-based algorithms are capable of making accurate calculations at a scale we can barely even conceptualize, never mind replicate.
    As such, they are an incredibly powerful tool, to the extent that they manage a lot of our quotidian tasks for us already. Much of what we do daily in digital marketing is rule-based, so it therefore stands to reason that it can be automated in this way too.
    We are now moving into the realm of sentient artificial intelligence, capable of learning from surrounding stimuli and making ever more informed decisions.

    Great strides have been made by technology companies in all areas, from the mundane to the creative, to provide better results by incorporating machine learning systems. Not all of this is new; much of it has been available or in development for many years now...
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  7. Hope you’re all hungry for some updates and new features because Mopinion has come out with several this month – and we’d like to share them you! Mopinion is proud to announce that the following are now available within our Feedback Analytics software....
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  8. India’s digital growth story is both interesting and surprising. The country has embraced digitization so rapidly that it has created a large opportunity for online marketing.

    On August 15th, 1995, VSNL introduced public internet access in India. In 2000, only 0.5 percent of the Indian population had access to internet facilities. After 16 years, the figure climbed to 28 percent with 373 million internet users.
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  9. When people mull over “cutting the cable” and switching to streaming or slinging their home entertainment, they tend to fall into two camps: those who understand the new technologies (or trust their tech-savvy offspring) and those who haven’t a clue and just stick with what they have.

    In business, there is a similar technology “comfort” divide, and banks are no exception. There is one key difference between the consumer and business worlds, however. At home, it doesn’t matter too much, relatively speaking, if you just stick with cable. In business, increasingly, the ability to effectively assimilate new technology is mission critical, and perhaps even existential.
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  10. A system of user data rights will balance the reality of new technologies and increased data processing with the need to limit harms.
    The collection and use of personal data in order to deliver public and commercial services is now routine in India. For a country with large digital ambitions, one of the key questions will be: How should we think about regulating the use of Indians’ personal data?
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