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  1. According to HubSpot’s State of Inbound report, 63% of marketing and sales professionals reported generating website traffic and leads as their company’s top marketing challenge. For businesses to compete in today’s digital landscape, companies need more than just an established online presence to attract new customers and retain clients.

    Communications professionals must invest their time and resources toward implementing multiple digital marketing techniques that cover an array of online approaches to continually increase traffic and generate leads. More specifically, marketers are now tasked with ensuring that they are targeting and attracting the right online audience, which ultimately leads to boosting website conversion rates. Including these essential digital marketing techniques in your online strategy will lead customers to your site, guide them through your sales funnel and result in high-quality leads in your inbox.
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  2. E-mail marketers got another boost for deliverability recently when Yahoo Mail announced that Return Path will handle its feedback loops for managing spam complaints.

    This helps you as a commercial e-mail sender, because a good portion of your mailing list likely goes to domains, even if you mail primarily B2B (define). Up to one quarter of a typical consumer list could be Yahoo-bound. Having this new feedback loop in place means you can manage and process spam complaints coming from Yahoo Mail users that you might not have gotten previously. Once your feedback loop request is accepted, you will receive e-mail that Yahoo recipients marked as spam at the e-mail address you specify. Remove those complaining addresses promptly from your database.
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  3. Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need input, constructive feedback and ideas from unexpected sources to help make your idea bulletproof. Yet sometimes the way we ask for feedback on an idea does us a disservice. When you put an idea in front of someone and ask them ‘what do you think?’, you are inviting them to find faults in your idea, not build it; and worst still, the feedback given is often at a general, unspecified level. Here are 5 ways to ask for productive, useful feedback to help strengthen your idea.
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  4. Facebook today introduced a good handful of new features for groups on Facebook, with a focus on helping admins better manage and grow their online communities, and helping members better connect with one another. The additions, inspired by user feedback, include support for welcome posts, badges, member profiles and other admin-level controls.

    The company met this June with hundreds of Facebook group admins at its first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago. This allowed Facebook staff to hear directly from those who run online groups what sort of tools they need. One common activity that admins do is welcome new members to their Facebook group. But until today, this has been done manually by writing a post, then locating each new member and tagging them one-by-one in that post. A new “welcome posts” feature, however, lets admins write a welcome post that automatically tags new members, speeding up the process.
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  5. The rapid rise of Airbnb shook the very foundations of the industry and forced incumbents to adapt fast. For marketers and business leaders, this presented both opportunities and threats. Here we look at the transformation of the industry and examine how businesses today can protect themselves.

    Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest industries valued at over 1.2 trillion USD. 1.24bn people worldwide left their homes and arrived at a foreign destination in 2016 – a number which has almost doubled since 2003. The industry is fast-growing and full of opportunity, with a lot of revenue on the table from holidaymakers. In the US the number of domestic trips taken by leisure and business travelers is expected to surpass 471m by 2020 with a growing proportion of these trips being booked online.
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  6. AI is in desperate need of designers–in part, because machine learning products often originate in the world of research, where design principles are rarely applied. Closing the gap between researchers and designers is the goal of Google’s People + AI Research (PAIR) initiative, which launched earlier this summer. PAIR aims to establish design principles for AI systems and build tools for designers and developers as AI moves quickly from the research lab into the products we use every day. At PAIR’s first conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this week, researchers from Google, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Illinois presented their ideas on machine learning systems that have human needs at their core. Based on their comments, here are three problems AI is currently facing–and how the right design could help.
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  7. According to a blog post of Email Delivered there is a “heated debate inside marketing circles” about what’s the best option when it comes to focusing your marketing efforts: social media or email marketing.

    Although I had promised myself not to rant (well) anymore I can’t help but beg you to please refrain from this way of thinking. If there’s a heated debate going on inside marketing circles about these questions, I’m very happy that it’s not a debate in my marketing circles.
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  8. Species that adapt survive, according to Charles Darwin -- and not even necessarily those that rely on strength. Strategies and platforms are evolving in the digital age, and consumers are engaging brands on channels that didn't exist a few years ago.

    The modern marketer must be extremely agile. But while change spawns creativity, the goals of marketing remain constant. An employer hires a marketer to communicate the right message at various stages of the funnel, raise brand awareness and loyalty, drive traffic and customer engagement, and implement methods that lead to conversions and sales. Here are key trends in marketing to prepare for in the coming year:
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  9. When you start to unpick the visitor behavior on your website, one thing is apparent: Everyone has a limited amount of tolerance for frustration before they drop off. Think of it like a bucket. As you browse a site, every error, poor choice of wording, confusing step or overlong form adds another splash of water. Eventually, the water spills out of the bucket and you give up.

    Last week’s Masterclass with SessionCam and Subway—How to Convert Your Website Visitors into Customers—covers the optimization tactics that work to stop this bucket spilling over and maximize your conversion rates. Only 19.2% of webinar attendees are satisfied with their conversion rates, which highlights what a key challenge this is for marketers; 42.6% of attendees are dissatisfied with their conversion rates.
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  10. Imagine relaxing with your favorite Netflix show after a long day when, suddenly, your internet connection goes down. In place of your show are a spinning wheel and black screen. You reach for your cell phone and ask Google about your connection loss. Google recommends your provider’s help page, and on this page, you are greeted with a site that is not optimized for mobile and content that does not answer your question. Frustrated, you look for a customer service number to dial instead.

    This scenario, and many others like it, offers tremendous opportunity for improvement. Creating a positive and easy customer service experience promotes a happier, more loyal customer -- and using digital marketing tips and tools can help. Creating content for the customer, developing a content strategy and testing and optimizing are key digital marketing tools that can help you create an excellent customer service experience for your users.
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